America’s Best Bowstrings Celebrates 5 Years

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America’s Best Bowstrings Celebrates 5 Years

americas best stringsLike so many things in the archery industry, you set out with one thing in mind and end up with another. America’s Best Bowstrings is such a story.

Jerry Mullet, president and owner of America’s Best Bowstrings, started out by opening his own pro shop about 10 years ago, never envisioning it going past that point. “I just started building strings for my customers, my way, with equipment I designed and built. We literally had guys coming into the store and saying, ‘Jerry, you need to do something with this. It is a very, very good string.’ Before we knew it, one thing led to another and here we are today.”

Strings are not new, nor are the materials used to make them. In fact, the entire industry has access to basically the same materials. The difference between an average string and an exceptional string is in the “recipe”—the specific blend of materials and process of putting them together.

“We have a warranty against peep rotation, creep and serving separation, and we guarantee every string’s length to be within +/- .010 inch,” says Mullet. In fact, every string is checked before it is shipped, and any that do not meet exacting specifications are rebuilt. “If a string comes off the line and is not correct, we don’t simply change the length by adding or subtracting a few twists, we rebuild it,” Mullet said. “Quality is the girl who brought us to the dance, and we’re going to keep dancing with her.”

With quality such a high priority, America’s Best Bowstrings is always looking for ways to improve its product. “This past year we developed a new serving that is being made exclusively for us by BCY,” Mullet said. “We have been very impressed with this stuff. It lasts long and holds up great, and it has been a winner from the serving end of things.”

America’s Best line is far more than just high-performance custom bowstrings and cables for compounds. In addition, the company specializes in strings for everything from traditional archery (longbows and recurves, including flemish twist) as well as crossbow strings. Since 2010, the company has been building a line of high performance crossbow strings and cables for Ohio-based Horton Manufacturing.

America’s Best has also developed a second line known as Rhino Bowstrings. The strings are built at the same facility, but to keep down costs, certain processes and materials have been cut out of the Rhino that are put into the premiere line. “Rhino has been a smashing success for us and really serves the needs of the market for guys who just don’t want to spend a lot of money,” Mullet said.

In archery, style counts. When you pay for a custom-color string, you want your accessories to match. America’s Best Bowstrings realizes this and offers a Custom Peep Kit that includes a custom-colored peep sight and two colored D-loops cut to different lengths to match. “In our Custom Peep Kit we include everything, including color serving to tie it in with,” Mullet explained. “If you have a custom Fluorescent Green & Black string, we’ll sell you the matching Fluorescent Green peep and serving to match everything and keep it looking nice and sharp.”

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