4 Ways to Make Morning Hunts More Manageable

A week straight of back-to-back morning hunts can take a toll, so I rely on these four tips for keeping my mind and body in the game.

4 Ways to Make Morning Hunts More Manageable

On morning No. 6 of a 7-day public land whitetail hunt, that snooze button becomes awfully tempting. Unless you’re a morning person, back-to-back morning hunts for a week straight can take a toll. Hit the snooze button, though, and you could crush your chances of arrowing a bruiser buck.

Mobs of bowhunters succeed toward the end of their hunts because they keep their head in the game. That could be you, but you must hang in there until the end or you could narrowly miss your opportunity.

Here are three ways to shake off the sandman, get to your stand and then remain alert during your morning hunts.

1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We’ve all done it: Stay up too late talking to hunting partners or just dillydallying. A good night’s sleep is irreplaceable before a morning hunt. Not only do I turn in early, but I often take a serving of MTN OPS Slumber 30 to 40 minutes beforehand. I’ve never slept poorly after taking Slumber. The proprietary Hibern8 Formula calms and reduces anxiety to provide a deeper sleep.

2. Stretch

My muscles don’t wake up easily. Thus, I find that a quick stretching routine limbers everything up so I can get moving. To get my blood flowing, I’ll sometimes do a series of pushups, too.

3. Take a Hot Shower

In November, leaving my nice warm bed and heading out into the cold is tough business. A good hot shower makes it much easier. I set the water as hot as I can stand it so I don’t long for my warm bed sheets.

4. Get an Energy Boost

Tons of folks find liveliness from caffeinated coffee. I get squirrely. Yes, it wakes me up quickly, but if a shot opportunity comes during the morning hunt, I get twice as nervous. For that reason, I’ve quit drinking coffee.

Instead, I look to MTN OPS Ignite for my morning kick. The energy effect releases over a longer period of time so it doesn’t blow the roof off all at once and then come crashing down several hours later. MTN OPS offers Ignite in both hot and cold flavors.


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