Victory Archery Celebrates 5 Years

The response to its new, small-diameter Victory Armour Piercing (VAP) arrow is giving this carbon innovator plenty of reasons to celebrate.
Victory Archery Celebrates 5 Years

victory archeryVictory has been building carbon arrows since 2001. At the time, they were building them for Blackhawk Archery. “Around 2004, Blackhawk was bought out by Goldtip. Goldtip’s production was then moved to our facility in Mexico, as well as Blackhawk’s. By 2006, we had made the decision to ‘go it alone’ and formed Victory Archery with our own product line,” related Tod Boretto, Victory Archery’s general manager.

“Prior to 2011, we had a very low-profile, organic growth. Our experience has mostly been in building high-quality, high-volume, all-carbon arrows. That’s what we do. We don’t use any fiberglass in any of our products; they are all carbon,” Tod said. Victory started out focusing on the target market and has built a strong base both here in the U.S. and abroad. Building on this base, Victory Archery is now making a move into the hunting market. “We’ve had hunting products, but more important, we’ve taken some of the key target products and brought them into the hunting market—that’s our VAP, or Victory Armour Piercing arrow,” Tod reported.

VAP feature a small diameter and high kinetic energy with great penetration. The arrow is the same proven design Victory has been supplying to the target industry. The company designed a new insert, the Penetrator, to adapt broadheads to the VAP. The Penetrator is available in two separate diameters so you can screw on a 5/16- or 9/32-inch broadhead or target point. “The VAP arrows with the Penetrator insert installed have great flight characteristics with very low effects from the wind due to the very small diameter for long-range shots—and it just penetrates like mad,” Tod exclaimed.

On the last day of 2010, Aldila, the largest manufacturer of graphite golf shafts in the world, purchased Victory Archery. “The acquisition was a great fit for both sides. Aldila was looking to diversify its holdings, which the purchase accomplished, and Victory will now have the horsepower we really needed to market and advertise—something we have not been able to do in the past,” acknowledged Tod. He continued, “More important, Aldila makes its own raw materials. No one else in the industry does that, not Easton, Carbon Express, Goldtip—no one can do what we can do. Currently, that makes us the most integrated carbon arrow company in the industry from a vertical integration standpoint.”

The in-house manufacturing and supply of raw materials gives Victory Archery a wider choice of materials with which to design. “It also gives us a lower cost basis than our competitors. We’ve chosen to take those extra margin dollars and invest it in marketing and advertising.

“We’ve done comparisons, and on the dealer level, we have the best margins in the industry,” Boretto said. “We strongly enforce MAP pricing in an effort to protect and grow our dealers, big and small.”

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