Escargo Type Tracks From Beaver Dam Argo

Escargo Brand steel paddle extreme off-road tracks, sold exclusively by Beaver Dam Argo Inc., are among the toughest unbreakable tracks available in the U.S.
Escargo Type Tracks From Beaver Dam Argo

For deep snow, mud, and the fastest water paddling, almost nothing beats Escargo Brand (non Argo) Steel Paddle Extreme Off-Road UHMW. Manufactured in the USA and sold exclusively by Beaver Dam Argo, Escargo-type tracks are made to strict tolerances. Escargo-type crossers are made of state-of-the-art, high-strength special alloy steel, laser cut, then welded to special alloy steel sub assemblies formed with high-pressure hydraulic presses to give you a perfectly balanced and matched crosser every time. This assures you of the toughest unbreakable crosser paddle that pushes through impossible mud bogs, swims in open water, climbs straight up hills, yet gives a smooth QUIET ride on ice – totally unlike Argo plastic tracks that clunk along on hard surfaces. The grip of steel is something ONLY Escargo-type track have.

Beaver Dam tracks are also available in a hybrid version, where both steel crossers and UHMW crossers are used. This makes for a lightweight track with the grip of steel as well.

Beaver Dam tracks can be made to fit ANY tire, including 25” Rawhides and Argo 25” tires as well as 22”, 24” and MAX tires.


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