Bowhunting World April Issue Preview

Spring is synonymous with "turkey hunting," and April 2011''s Bowhunting World magazine is chock-full of advice for choosing the right equipment and getting your gobbler.
Bowhunting World April Issue Preview

Get the low-down on 2011's latest, greatest bows in Part 1 of our Hot Bows coverage. Fresh from the industry's trade shows, bow expert Rick Combs reviews the features, improvements, and "feel" of shooting this year's innovations from bow manufacturers.

Is there such a thing as an "ethical shooting distance"? Bowhunting guru Chuck Adams tackles this debate in Hunting Bow Accuracy. Well-meaning bowhunters oversimplify the issue, he says. There is no set answer, and he tells you why.

Our Home Bow Mechanic, Rick Combs, takes you through post-season maintenance to help you get the best performance from your bow. What should you be tuning, lubing, or replacing? Combs offers the ins and outs of maintaining bow components like strings, cables, limbs, cams, and axles as well as accessories like sights, stabilizers, and rests.

Getting started or finding a major tournament shoot is easier, thanks to the annual 3-D & Target Archery Guide. We include a schedule of prominent archery tournaments and a list of resources to help you find a local tournament or learn how to shoot better. We also interview pro shooter Darrin Christenberry for his shooting insights and how tournaments help him focus during moments of truth in the woods.

Finally, Bob Robb in Back Country laments the airlines' destruction of his "indestructible" bow case and shares horror stories about his experiences tracking missing luggage and how little help he got in that effort. He offers some advice for flying today's not-so-friendly skies.


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