3 Can’t-Miss Stocking Stuffers for Duck Hunters

Have a duck hunter on your Christmas list who has almost everything? No worries, one of these three stocking stuffers is sure to please.

3 Can’t-Miss Stocking Stuffers for Duck Hunters

It’s easy to buy Christmas presents for some people, and almost impossible for others, right? Perhaps that’s why gift cards are so popular — they’re always the right size and color. If you need a little something special for a duck hunter on your Christmas list, here are three stocking stuffers that he or she will love.

1. Final Approach Hoodie

Nothing excites a waterfowler more than a duck with cupped wings and lowered landing gear. In my opinion, no company’s graphic/design does a better job of capturing this magical moment than the one from Final Approach (FA).

Check out this FA Brand hoodie. The duck design is simple but striking. It’s bold but not over the top. And I love the dark gray color of this hoodie. FYI: In preparing this story, I discovered that the FA Brand hoodie is marked way down in price. Instead of paying $50.45, your cost is only $24.99. I have no idea why the price is so low, but that’s an early Christmas gift for you.

2. Adrenal Line The Finisher Duck Killing Tool

Unless you’re an avid duck hunter, this brass tool is new to you. It’s called The Finisher for a reason: it finishes (i.e. kills) ducks that are still a bit alive after Fido retrieves them for you.

Don’t let the photo above fool you: the circular part of the tool is small, only slightly larger than a quarter. It fits easily on a call lanyard (photo below) and works perfectly.

Price on the manufacturer’s website is $21, but I’ve seen them at retailer sites selling for only $15. Check out the video below to see The Finisher in action.

3. GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless 1L Vacuum Bottle

When it comes to keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, it’s tough to beat a vacuum bottle — or as us old-school hunters call it, a thermos. This one, the Glacier Stainless 1L from GSI Outdoors, holds 1 liter (33.8 ounces) of your favorite brew, so no matter how slow the hunting, you’ll never run dry in the duck blind.

The bottle is made from 18/8 stainless-steel, so it’s durable. Nothing gets handled gently on the way to or from the duck slough, and this bottle is built to take a beating. It has a leakproof cap (you don’t want coffee spilling on your shotgun shells), and even better, you can pour coffee into the handy cup/cover for sipping between shooting. The bottle stands 11.8 inches tall and is 3.7 inches in diameter; it should fit perfectly in any Christmas stocking.

No, the Glacier Stainless 1L isn't cheap ($34.95), but like duck decoys, you get what you pay for. As for colors/finishes: You can choose from red, blue, green (more of a chartreuse), orange or stainless/silver. I suggest orange. In fact, I think GSI should change the name of this color offering to “mallard legs.”

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