James Jean’s Most Difficult Archery Trick Shot

With his traditional bow, James Jean can hit everything from tossed aspirins to falling water droplets. But in his opinion, the toughest moving target is actually one that’s a bit larger.

James Jean’s Most Difficult Archery Trick Shot

I think the greatest archery trick shooter on the planet is James Jean. Click here to see an article I wrote previously titled “Must-See Trick Shots From Traditional Archer James Jean.” I’ve shot traditional equipment a substantial amount in my 40-year bowhunting career, and even though I consider myself a decent instinctive shooter, no matter how many times I watch James on video, I’m left shaking my head and asking “How?”

The video below details James Jean’s most difficult archery trick shot — in his opinion. Specifically, he says that tossing a ring (aka wedding ring) into the air and then shooting an arrow through the ring’s small opening is his toughest trick shot to date. Yes, he’s shot smaller flying/moving objects such as aspirins and water droplets, but what makes this trick so difficult is he must toss the ring into the air in a manner where it falls with the opening toward him. In other words, simply hitting the ring isn’t a tremendous challenge for James; the trick is threading the needle into the ring’s opening.

FYI: James is using a Hoyt recurve, specifically a Satori riser with Carbon Velos limbs.


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