Video: Must-See Trick Shots From Traditional Archer James Jean

From shooting positions you can’t even imagine, James Jean smashes everything from flying clay targets to aspirins with his traditional bow.

Video: Must-See Trick Shots From Traditional Archer James Jean

I’ve written before about traditional archer James Jean; click here to check out my article where I make the case that he might be the best trick shot artist of all time.

In the four-minute video below, James Jean shoots everything from aspirins to water drops. He includes fantastic slow-motion replays so you can see the arrow in flight and the tiny targets explode. Simply amazing.

FYI: Jean is shooting a Hoyt Satori 21 riser (both left- and right-handed) with Hoyt Grand Prix Carbon Velos Limbs (medium) at draw weights of 35, 40 and 50 pounds. In this video, he shooting 500 spine arrows.

In my opinion, Jean saves his most impressive trick shot for last. Be sure to watch the entire video and decide for yourself.

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