Top Waterfowling Shotguns From SHOT 2011

There was a lot going on at this year''s SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Check out some of the new waterfowl shotguns found on the show floor.
Top Waterfowling Shotguns From SHOT 2011

Mossberg 935 Mag

mossberg 935 mag

Mossberg’s 935 Mag has an overbored barrel that creates a gas “cushion” to reduce recoil and friction, and create a tighter pattern.

Weatherby SA-08

weatherby sa 08

Weatherby’s SA-08 hasn’t received much of an upgrade this year, but as one of the best values in auto-loading shotguns, it didn’t need much.

Browning Maxus

browning maxus

Browning’s had a big hit on its hands with the Maxus, which cycles the smallest 2 ¾-inch to the stoutest 3 ½-inch loads interchangeably with remarkably light recoil.

Winchester SX3 Waterfowl

winchester sx3 waterfowl

Winchester’s SX3 Waterfowl edition comes in Mossy Oak DuckBlind DuraTouch.

Benelli Super Vinci

benelli super vinci

One of the biggest introductions this year was Benelli’s Super Vinci, a 3 ½-inch upgrade to last year’s popular Vinci. It features an in-line inertia bolt, enlarged safety and trigger guard so you can shoot with gloves on, a self-contained removeable magazine tube, QuadraFit shim kit and ComforTech Plus gel recoil pad.

Remington VersaMax

remington versa max

The other big news this season is Remington’s VersaMax, which promises to cycle all loads reliably, from 7/8-oz. 2 3/4s to the heaviest 3 1/2s. A recoil pad tames the punch and internal stainless steel inhibits rust. You can get it in black, Duck Blind or AP, with a 26- or 28-inch barrel.

Beretta 391 Xtrema II

beretta 391 xtrema 2Beretta’s 391 Xtrema II has added a KickOff hydraulic recoil pad and – get this – a pocket in the grip designed to hold a souped-up chemical heat pack. Designed to keep your hand warm when you’re holding the gun for hours (such as when you’re hunting flooded timber), the heat packs last five hours and are sold separately by Beretta. Two come with the gun.


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