Predator Hunting Coyote Decoy Roundup

Coyote decoys have really come along in the last few years, especially with an increased number of predator hunters using coyote vocalization.

Predator Hunting Coyote Decoy Roundup

flambeau lone howler decoyFlambeau Lone Howler

The Flambeau Lone Howler is a realistic recreation of an adult coyote. Its hard molded body design is well built and to scale. In addition to looking good, the Lone Howler has some unique features. The leg sections are not permanently attached to the body, instead they snap into place and are held by rubber shock cords. This serves two functions. For transport, the legs can be folded under the body and secured with the blaze orange carrying strap (included). In the field, the hunter can either have the coyote standing or sitting on his haunches. The hard body combined with the realistic soft tail makes an overall awesome decoy that works very well afield. Contact: or (800) 232-3474.

edge mr yote decoyEdge 'Yote Decoy

The 'Yote by Edge is a flexible, collapsible design, which, like most collapsible decoys makes transporting it easier. The lifelike soft tail imparts good movement in a breeze and is easily removed for storage between sets. It is realistic looking and easy to transport, but collapsible decoys need care. The stakes can be tough to insert into rocky or hard ground, and bodies have a tendency to fold, causing them to collapse while set up. A short stick, available brush or an old arrow shaft inserted in the right place stops that. Contact: or (715) 381-2935.

renzo coyoteRenzo Coyote

The Renzo line of printed one-dimensional decoys looks extremely lifelike to my eyes, and ought to fool a predator. For color sighted game species like turkeys, ducks and geese, I have used them and they work brilliantly, but coyotes see differently. For an answer to how a coyote would view it, I set the Renzo coyote in the back yard and let my dog out of the house. He saw it immediately and went nuts; barking, hair bristling up and growling. As far as "Canine" eyesight is concerned, the Renzo coyote is seen easily enough. The Renzo is among the easiest of all predator decoys to transport. Remove the two metal stakes (very easy to insert into even hard ground due to their small diameter) and fold the decoy onto itself. The decoy weighs mere ounces and can be strapped to the back of a predator pack or slipped into the back of a turkey vest. The polymer-like material should take weather well. Contact: or (800) 583-5416.

montana decoyMontana Decoys

Montana offers a realistic coyote decoy made of cloth and housed in a coil-spring unit. Twist it with both hands and it collapses into a small circle. Let it go and it pops open to a near full-size image of a coyote. Like the Renzo, it can be stuck in the ground on small stakes or simply hung from a handy bush, and when properly hung, it will move with a breeze. It’s also easy to pack and easy to set up. Contact: or (888) 332-6998.


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