New Shotgun Ammunition for 2011

Innovation is in the spotlight from leading ammunition manufacturers this year. Check out several new shotshells we found on the SHOT Show floor.

New Shotgun Ammunition for 2011


hevi shot hevi metalHEVISHOT’s latest innovation for waterfowl and upland hunters is HEVI-METAL. Designed with Pattern-Density Technology, the shells combine HEVISHOT pellets with Steel shot to create a denser pattern for more clean kills.

Fiocchi Canned Heat

fiocchi canned heatAn exciting, helpful (and, quite frankly, fun) shotshell for clay target shooters comes from Fiocchi Ammunition. Canned Heat, the Fiocchi Chemical Tracer powered by Cyalume provides a daytime visible trace that travels with the cloud of shot as it hits or misses the clay bird.

Kent Upland Fasteel

kent upland fasteelPioneers of the steel shot revolution when Fasteel® Waterfowl was introduced over 10 years ago, Kent Cartridge continues to enhance their line with Upland Fasteel®. Available in 12ga and 20ga, Kent continues to provide non-toxic shotgun shell options with top-notch performance.

Federal Prairie Storm Steel

federal prairie storm steelFederal Premium is extending the capabilities of the successful Prairie Storm loads and bringing hunters steel options designed specifically for upland birds. These new high velocity loads give upland hunters ideal patterns using the patented and rear-braking FLITECONTROL wad and lethal FLITESTOPPER (FS) steel.

Winchester Blind Side

winchester blind sideIn fall of this year, look for Winchester® Ammunition’s introduction of Blind Side, one of the most innovative shotshell loads in the brand’s 144-year history. The Blind Side combines ground-breaking, stacked HEX Shot technology and the new Diamond Cut Wad in the most deadly Winchester waterfowl load available.


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