Hard Core Innovates With New Decoy Mounts And Goose Flagging System

Hard Core Brands has solved a few of your goose-hunting problems and created a better way to flag for geese and make your layout blind disappear in your spread.
Hard Core Innovates With New Decoy Mounts And Goose Flagging System

You’ve taken great care to lay out a hundred or more goose decoys, carefully arranging them in a field and brushing your layout blind in so thoroughly that it practically melts into the landscape. You’re expecting an in-your-face hunt and have planned your spread perfectly.

But have you ever stepped back and really taken a look at it? Look around: You’ve got a patch of decoys, a mound of brushed-in “grass.” More decoys, another mound of grass.

Hard Core has your answer with its new Blind Door Decoy Mount System, which allows you to actually mount decoys on top of your layout blind itself. They work with all Hard Core Full Body and Shell decoys. They’re easy to attach and remove as needed, and they truly allow your layout blind to be a part of the spread rather than just sitting in the middle of it. Hard Core’s Man Cave blind will come with the mounts attached, but they’ll work with any framed layout blind you already have.

The company’s also got a new system for goose flagging. When you’re in a layout blind flagging geese with your back to the wind, you’re creating two problems. One, you are focusing the birds’ attention right on your blind, and two, your flag is mimicking a goose landing against the wind — which isn’t natural.

The Hard Core X-Flagger system (pictured) comes with three stakes and a 100-foot rope, so you can operate it from your blind from a distance. It lets you run your flag out in the middle of your spread, diverting attention away from your blind and allowing your flag to look like a goose landing into the wind, the way a real goose would. It comes with a black (Canada) flag, but a snow goose flag is also available.

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