Goose Hunting Gear Guide

Snow, mud or frozen ground are all factors to consider when it comes to laying in a layout blind for hours. Here''s some goose gear to get you through.
Goose Hunting Gear Guide

goose hunting gear1. Cabela’s MPT Heavy-Weight Top and Bottom

The Cabela's MPT base fabric has soft fleece with moisture-sucking properties — perfect for lying still for long days a field. Tops $39.99 Bottoms $44.99, (800) 237-4444;

2. Cabela’s Synthetic Down Jacket

With superior warmth retention at about one fourth the cost of premium down, the Cabela's Synthetic Down Jacket has lightweight loft similar to natural down without the matting tendency. It features a soft, quiet polyester shell with two zippered front slash pockets, a full-length zipper, and a cozy high collar. Add the matching vest if it really gets cold. $89.99 jacket, $69.99 vest, (800) 237-4444;

3. Drake EST Waterproof Over-Pants

These generously cut over-pants in the Drake EST Waterproof Over-Pants will keep your behind dry, and they have a comfortable elastic waistband. The pockets are actually large enough that you can get your hands inside while lying horizontal in a blind. $85, (866) 521-5012;

4. Muck Boots Arctic Pro Boots

Rated to 60 below, the Muck Boots Arctic Pro Boots are possibly the warmest neoprene boots on the market. Made with an 8mm upper and an Airmesh liner, these pull-ons have a legendary comfort fit. $149.95, (800) 777-9021;

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goose hunting gear1. Foiles Strait Stealth Layout Blind

The outside cover of this blind stakes out in seconds to eliminate shadows and help you disappear into the field without creating that boxy look that geese are wary of. $299, (866) 83-GEESE;

2. Knight & Hale Magnum Clucker

This call is designed to allow you to make all the goose noises you'll need. The Hand-shaved reed will give you an extra edge in the blind. $15.22, 479-782-8971;

3. Avery Super Goose Flag

At thirty inches long, this realistic flag acts like a landing Canada and is easy to use. $29.95, (800) 333-5119;

4. Fox Pro Snow–Crow Pro 2

One of the most realistic recorded snow goose calls available, this system will operate in the rain and loudly enough to be heard in a tornadoing flock of arctic geese. With stereo sound with 4gB of storage, this system will operate remotely on three AA batteries. $899, (717) 248-2507;

5. Bigfoot Lifesize B2 Decoys

The Bigfoot B2 decoys are great for adding depth to your spread. They are a little smaller than other decoys and are rock-solid durable. Perfect for being tossed around in the field or in the back of your pick-up. $160, (563) 242-8801, Available at


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