Father's Day Gift Idea: Camouflage Man-Candles?

Father's Day is approaching. What Dad wouldn't want his living room to smell like camouflage and beer?

Forget the ugly ties, gift certificates to the car wash, Dad Of The Year mugs and homemade coupons for "one free hug." What the outdoorsy dad in your life really wants for Father's Day this year is a candle that smells like the woods. Or beer.

But candles are for moms, you say? Not so, my friend. Yankee Candles has a whole line of Man-Candles in scents like Man Town ("escape to the man cave with this masculine blend of spices, woods and musk"), Riding Mower ("hot sun, cool breeze, and the intensely summery scent of freshly cut grass") and the self-explanatory MMM, Bacon! Joining the line just in time for Dad's special day are On Tap ("the cool, golden aroma of a freshly poured draft beer") and Camouflage ("a natural, woodsy blend of fresh air, golden leaves and oak tree bark"). Specific, isn't it?

I gotta tell ya, I'm not sure who's buying these things — other than maybe the bacon version, because who doesn't want their house to smell like sizzling bacon 24/7? But I do find amusement in Yankee's short promo video "What Does Camo Smell Like?", which includes such tongue-in-cheek quotes as "OMG way more manly than my boyfriend's bacon bits face scrub" and "Strong like Butch Cassidy, fresh like the Sundance Kid."

Personally, I think I'll pass on the candles, as my dad would not be caught dead burning a candle of any scent unless the power was out and he needed light to clean his gun, read Whitetail Journal or skin a fox by. He'll be getting another box of .22 Hornet ammo — the gift that keeps on giving.


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