Deer Season Preseason: Hunters Are Growing Restless,Tired of the Spinning Rod

From an Ohio farmer to an eager NASCAR driver, deer hunters from every walk of life ride out the last little bit of this deer season preseason, restless for opening day.
Deer Season Preseason: Hunters Are Growing Restless,Tired of the Spinning Rod

It’s August and American deer hunters are ready for an awakening. They’re anticipating and scouting and planning. They’re getting after it. Some, the avids, are frothing at the mouth.

There are many hunting tips and tactics written on how to prep for deer season, and Grand View Outdoors has you covered in that arena. If you’re looking for a check list to get ready or some last-minute scouting advice, check here, here and here.

But if you're looking to commiserate with likeminded people, there are plenty of deer hunters who are looking ahead to fall. From an Ohio farmer to a southeastern-based physical therapist, deer hunters from every region of the country and every walk of life weigh in on the wait that is deer season preseason. Each has their own unique take on what the season means to them. Here’s what they’re saying.

The NASCAR Driver

First, we hear from Clint Bowyer. You may have heard of him. A NASCAR driver, he recently reported deer sightings at the dirt shop. “Got hundreds of acres to hunt,” Bowyer said in a post on his Twitter account. “Looks like I better start taking the ole parking lot at the dirt shop a little more serious. Never hung a stand on a telephone pole before.”

Helpfully, Jason Skeen from North Carolina chimed in with a tech tip, “make sure it’s a phone pole and not a power pole.”

The Canuck

It's true this article's introduction referenced American deer hunters, but deer hunting is on the minds of many hunters north of the border too. "My deer hunting tag arrives in the mail and suddenly every edge of Pye Acres has treestand potential," tweeted Canadian Robert J. Pye. "Summer days are a bit shorter and my mood to crank a bait caster is overshadowed by an urge to shoulder my shotgun. Bring on hunting season."

This is Robert Pye's profile photo. As if foreshadowing his own recent post, he's had to settle for fishing. But the logo on his cap suggest rifles and hunting are on his mind. Photo: Robert Pye (Twitter)

The Dad From Ohio

In Ohio, a farmer and dad finds a silver lining in the prospects of a return to school. "Well that was a quick summer..! Back to school for my little ladies," he posted to Instagram. "Guess the only bonus about this is its getting closer to fall 🍃 🍁 🍂 and we will be back in the woods chasing Whitetails."

An Ohio farmer posts this photo of his two daughters. It's their first day back to school, but that means deer season is just around the corner. Photo: its_a_way_of_life_acres (Instagram)

The Non-Hunter From the Sticks

Then there's the non-hunter's take on the approach of deer-hunting season. He ain't hatin'. It's more like "Hot Mess Lexpress," which this guy's Twitter handle, is just ... intrigued.

"It’s wild out here in the sticks dude," Lexpress wrote. "People really just walk around during hunting season in full blown camo smelling like deer piss."

The Physician

Photo: Jordan Bormann (Instagram)

Jordan Bormann, a physician, posted this image along with a countdown caption. "Twelve days and counting," he wrote. "A lot of bowhunting is just what the doctor ordered."

The Opportunistic Brewery

Then there's Stoney's Brewing based out of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. They posted this custom ad to their Twitter timeline, along with this tip for deer hunters: "Oh deer, seems like everyone is getting Stoney’s fever. With hunting season right around the corner, make sure to stand out without being seen with our new enhanced visibility hat."

Photo: Stoney Brewing (Twitter)

Seeker of Peace

Brian Clancy could be the simple man's Henry David Thoreau and the deer woods are his Walden Pond. Clancy gets what many hunters get, just being outside is reward enough. "I’m honestly so pumped that deer hunting season is coming up in a few months," he wrote. "Going out in the woods and just being out there just truly a stress free place for me."

You don't have to be a transcendentalist to recognize the many truths Thoreau recorded in his writings. The deer woods are a fine teacher in and of itself. Photo: Henry David Thoreau (Wikipedia)

The Hunter Who Didn't Cross the Creek

Down in Newnan, Georgia, a creek crossing turned into wading on a hot summer day. Alpha 1 Concepts posted, "crossing the creek to scout the hunting lease!"

Photo: Alpha 1 Concepts (Instagram)

Washington State Hunter Who Posts Chris Pratt Memes

Maybe this deer hunter from Washington State captures what deer hunters are feeling better than anyone else. Or, at least, his meme featuring Chris Pratt sure does. In case you didn't know, Chris Pratt — Hollywood celebrity, star of Jurassic World and and Guardians of the Galaxy — is from Washington State too. Plus, he's an avid bowhunter.


Featured photo: On X Hunt


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