3-D Archery Targets For 2011

When it comes to 3-D targets, we all want more variety, more realism, and easier pulling. The good news? The 2011 lineup has it all—and more.
3-D Archery Targets For 2011
bear paw targets


Bearpaw Longlife 3D Targets, available in the U.S. from Kustom King Traditional Archery (877-LONGBOW; www.KustomKingArchery), are made in Germany of special self-healing foam that substantially prolongs the life of each target. The 15-target line offers highly realistic, challenging smaller targets seldom seen on the average range, including a 5x22-inch Rat ($48) and 17x19-inch Rabbit ($88) on the small end, to the 21x37-inch Lynx ($223) or 28x33-inch Turkey ($253)—the largest in the lineup. Other unique and skill-sharpening highlights include Male Pheasant ($81), Piglet ($76), Drake Mallard ($32), and Martin ($81).

delta targets

Delta Targets

All new for 2011, Delta Targets’ (800-708-0673; www.deltatargets.net) inexpensive Kill Zone and Intruder deer targets were designed for the backyard shooter. The Kill Zone ($50) “half-deer” 3-D target allows you to practice putting arrows where it counts. The non-vital rear half, legs, and neck/head are absent, making it more portable than regulation 3-D targets. The midsection target includes a handle to make it easy to move or take to hunting camp. Each end also offers standard bull’s-eye targets. The Intruder ($90) is an insanely affordable full-body 3-D whitetail target with realistic look, top-quality replaceable vital core, and self-sealing foam technology construction that make it super-tough and durable. It is 37 inches high, 41 inches wide, and 9 inches thick. An “eight-point” plug-in rack and Delta’s plug-on plastic legs reduce weight.

glen del buck

Field Logic

Field Logic’s GlenDel (715-395-9955; www.glendel.com) deer targets are affordable, versatile, and ruggedly constructed. With the introduction of the new, mid-sized GlenDel Pre Rut ($220), the backyard archer gets a realistic whitetail deer target that stands 36 inches at the shoulder and represents a live weight of 250 pounds. Its trophy-sized antlers engage visual senses. This target offers the same great features as the larger GlenDel Full Rut ($270) and smaller GlenDel ($160), including four-sided, replaceable PolyFusion core measuring 12 inches cubed ($60 replacement price), providing seven shooting surfaces for longer life and easier arrow-pulling whether field tips or broadheads. An innovative take-down system make this target easy to store and set up.

mckenzie 3d targets

McKenzie Targets

McKenzie Targets (800-708-0673; www.mckenzie3d.com), prominent in realistic 3-D targets, brings more affordability to backyard 3-D in 2011 with the “Mack” series: the alert E-Z Mack, Lil Mack, and Mack Daddy 3D. The Lil Mack ($90), at 40 inches high, 32 inches wide, is posed in a “fighting” position, compact (one-piece body, removable plug-on legs) for easy packing or storage. The E-Z Mack ($130) is 40 inches high, 41 inches wide and includes standard three-piece foam construction (rear, mid and neck/head dovetailed sections). The Mack Daddy ($150) at 42 inches high, 43 inches wide, features a one-piece body and foam plug-on legs. All include replaceable shooting vital cores made of easy-pull, self-healing foam for added life even when shooting broadheads. The Mack Daddy wears a 6x6 drop-tine crown; the others feature trophy 5x5 plug-ins.

rinehart woodland buck

Rinehart Targets

Rinehart Targets (608-757-8153; www.rinehart3D.com) made its name by manufacturing some of the most-lifelike animal targets around, using proprietary “self-healing” foam for extreme durability and easy arrow removal. The new Rinehart Woodland Buck ($160) provides the same rugged durability and realism, but is priced for the budget-minded backyard archer. This Semi-Sneak 8-point Buck is molded head to toe from more affordable Solid FX Foam technology; the replaceable, locking target core is made from the company’s proven self-healing material for longer shooting life. It stands up to repeated abuse from field points or broadheads shot from any angle. The target is surprisingly lightweight for easier transport, and it resists sun, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

sullivan gar target

Sullivan Industries

Sullivan Industries (706-782-5863; www.innerloc.com), best known for nail-tough Innerloc broadheads, has more recently gotten into bowfishing by way of Innerloc H2O gear. In the spirit of that back-woodsy pastime, Sullivan teamed up with Rinehart Targets to bring you the 3D Gar Target ($80). The life-sized and realistic 48-inch target is constructed from solid weatherproof self-healing foam that lasts through thousands of field-tip shots. Sullivan also includes a submersion kit with this fun target, allowing you to set it at varying depths for real-world bowfishing practice. (Sullivan also sells a bowfishing arrow practice point without barbs.) With the help of a friend, you can even duplicate lifelike action shots.

mor non penetrating target

MOR Archery Targets

MOR Archery Targets’ (586-566-7991; www.morarcherytargets.com) Non-Penetrating Target System ($200) is built to handle arrows up to 360 fps. Special 100-grain blunt tips (supplied) hold felt faces powdered with chalk to leave an imprint on the target. The ballistic cloth face gives on impact, and the arrow drops harmlessly to the ground, making it safe for shooting indoors (when the wife isn’t home) or outside. This system includes a two-sided, 32-inch square target face and stand, a dozen special tips, four colors of chalk, and a heavy-duty carry bag. The entire works weighs less than 15 pounds and assembles without tools. Face themes include Original 9-Square (tic-tac-toe) backed by Whitetail Buck; 80cm FITA/9-Square; Mathews 9- Damper/Whitetail Buck; or Mathews 80cm FITA/9-Square target (authorized dealers).

2011 Target Trends

If nothing else, archery targets seem to be getting cheaper, relative to the performance qualities now seen in butts designed to stop arrows whizzing along at 350 to 450 fps. The archer with some room can now also realistically collect his own “herd” of 3-D animals without breaking the bank. This is very cool, making us all happier, more-efficient bowhunters.

Rinehart, Delta, GlenDel/Field Logic, and McKenzie all offer budget-priced 3-D options for the backyard bowhunter-in-training. They don’t give them away, but prices are far from the gut-punch sticker shock of standard 3-D targets we enjoy during the average organized competition.

Bag targets from companies such as SpyderWeb and Big Green Targets, as examples, make shooting a pleasure, which to me means pulling arrows isn’t more strenuous than pulling a bowstring.


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