2015 Hunting Gear Must-Haves

Bows and arrows are the easy items to take note of, but it’s often the miscellaneous gear that makes the difference for archery customers and hunters alike – the difference between success and failure. Here’s a promising new-accessory round-up of some 2015 must-haves hunting gear.

2015 Hunting Gear Must-Haves

Archer Xtreme’s (406-924-6113; www.archerxtreme.com) new Nitrix Quiver ($140) was designed to perfectly match any bowhunting setup. Featuring Xtreme Drop Rack Technology (XDR) – a carbon-fiber spine attached to the arrow rack – the quiver can be adjusted to accommodate any length of arrow. In addition, XDR helps cancel noise and vibration. Fully collapsed, the Nitrix measures just 11.5 inches, but once extended, pulls the tape to 17.5 inches. The arrow-rack slots accept even the slimmest carbon arrows, and the grilled gate hood design allows you to keep an eye on your precious broadhead cargo at all times.

Canyon Coolers’ (928-774-3486; www.canyoncoolers.com) Outfitter 125 ($430) makes an ideal on-the-hunt companion. Optimized for truck beds and 4x4 use via its very square corners, the Outfitter 125 boasts 3/4-inch-thick walls and includes premium polyurethane (injected under pressure) within all wall cavities as well as the lid. A marine-grade stainless-steel hinge pin was designed to eliminate the worry of hinge failure, and the skid plates and thick rope handles were built to handle abuse.

The Transformer Hunt-Pod ($330) from Hawk (810-626-3026; www.hawkhunting.com) is perfect for those times when you want to hunt from an elevated position but have no tree for a stand. The Hunt-Pod is a portable game cart that easily transforms into a 9-foot hunting stand in less than a minute. The folded Hunt-Pod is reasonably compact and will fit in most any open truck bed. Designed for one-person operation, the Hunt-Pod locks in place with five hand bolts and two leg pins, and adjustable spring-pin legs allow for easy leveling on uneven terrain.

From Badlands (800-269-1875; www.badlandspacks.com) is the 3-pound, 10-ounce BOS ($330). Made from strong, light and durable Aramid fabric, this pack, available in Serengeti or Gunmetal, is ready for whatever you throw at it. Its Hypervent Suspension, adjustable compression/lashing straps and nearly 2,200 cubic inches of storage space make the BOS a great all-season pack.

Keeping pace with the growing sport of bowfishing, Bohning Archery’s (231-229-4247; www.bohning.com) Aqua Reel ($134) is a first-of-its-kind spinning reel. The cable-activated bail opens automatically as the bow is drawn, and the adjustable drag was designed to prevent break-off. Spooled with 50 yards of 80-pound test line, the B.A.R. features an anodized aluminum spool and is reversible for right- or left-hand mounting.

Styrka’s (844-211-6915; www.styrka-strong.com) S5 Series of binoculars ($420-$480) was designed to provide the bowhunter high-contrast images, incredible clarity and unforgettable resolution. The internal housing of these tripod-adaptable optics is purged of air and filled with nitrogen gas to prevent that frustrating internal fog. The phase and dielectric coated BAK-4 prisms drastically increase light transmission through the prism system to ensure superior clarity and maximum detail. Perhaps best of all, the optics are branded with the Styrka Pride Lifetime Warranty and can be sent back to Styrka once a year for cleaning.

Small, compact and powerful – that’s Celestron’s (310-328-9560; www.celestron.com) FireCel ($40) in a nutshell. Delivering an output voltage of 5V 500mA, the FireCel was designed to recharge consumer electronics. Convenient portable power for cellphones, tablets and other USB-rechargeable devices, the FireCel is a must-have on any hunt. Additional features include a red LED flashlight and an electronic hand warmer to keep your hands toasty during those chilly treestand sits.

Lightweight, durable and surgically sharp, Havalon’s (888-836-3204; www.havalon.com) Piranta-Stag ($55) features a hump-and-valley terrain design to ensure a solid grip regardless of weather conditions. The lightweight Stag boasts an overall length of 7-3/8 inches, comes with ambidextrous thumb studs, features liner-lock construction and was designed with an open back for easy cleanup.

Bushnell’s (800-423-3537; www.bushnell.com) Trophy Cam HD Aggressor ($200-$230) showcases 48 no-glow infrared LEDs and a flash range of 80 feet. The crisp 14MP camera and high-definition 1080p video let you take notice of defining characteristics, allowing you to better detect and track certain deer from year to year. The new latch system is more durable and easier to operate, and the strengthened cable-lock channel boosts security.

Your eye in the field 24/7, Stealth Cam (877-269-8490; www.gsmoutdoors.com/stealth-cam) unveils its G42C ($190). A white LED flash scouting camera, the G42C is engineered to deliver quality, color photos both day and night. Its 80-foot range, via 42 white LEDs, makes it an ideal choice for land-management professionals and serious hunters. Other features, which were carried over from Stealth Cam’s popular G Series line, include Matrix advanced blur reduction, Retina low-light sensitivity and a Reflex .5-second trigger.

From Wildgame Innovations (800-847-8269; www.wildgameinnovations.com) comes the innovative, all-new 360 Cam ($300). As the name implies, the 360 Cam monitors and captures game activity in a full 360-degree field of view. This allows the hunter to detect game activity from any direction. The camera boasts six separate motion sensors that scan the area around the camera, and once movement is detected, the unit internally repositions the camera and its flash-activated sensor. With this 12-megapixel, 70-foot range camera, you have six cameras in one. 

Real Deal Mineral’s (715-355-9360; www.realdealmineral.com)19 Bag ($40) was designed to specifically enhance overall deer herd health and strength. From fawns to mature bucks, every deer in the herd will reap benefits from this less-than-7-percent-salt blend. Mixed with the perfect balance of calcium, phosphorus, salt, magnesium, selenium and throngs of essential vitamins, Real Deal is just what the deer doctor ordered.

Brownell Archery (860-873-8625; www.brownellco.com) is offering four new colors – Charcoal, Cranberry, Baby Blue and Purple – in its tried-and-true Fury and Rhino lines. Renowned for being ultra-durable bowstring material, Fury and Rhino are now available in 1/8-pound spools.

From Signature Products Group (800-553-1098; www.spgcompany.com) comes the Browning Buck 250RT hunting pack ($200). Sporting a roomy 2,500 cubic inches of storage space, the pack was built to handle heavy loads and tips the scales at just 3.25 pounds. Its Hypo-Sonic closure on the waist-belt storage pocket is a toothless, no-noise zipper ideal for quietly accessing vital gear like game calls or a rangefinder. The Mountain Crawler system is an infinite-loop shoulder-strap innovation that allows the high-density foam shoulder straps to move with the hunter’s shoulders.

Hooyman’s (573-445-9200; www.btibrands.com)10-Foot Extendable Tree Saw ($110) is a lightweight, take-anywhere tree saw. Its MegaBite high-carbon steel blade features four-edge tooth design to ensure maximum cutting performance, and the I-beam aluminum construction, in-line design and positive locking extension system were designed to provide you with unmatched cutting stability.

Another great 2015 pack option, the Commander X from ALPS Outdoorz (800-344-2577; www.alpsoutdoorz.com), is like getting two packs in one. The spacious pack bag allows you to haul all necessary essentials to camp, but upon arrival, you can remove the top lid and carry it as a simple, light waist pack. When your arrow is true and there is meat to be hauled out, the frame, which features a shelf and a compression wing system for expanded carry, allows you to haul out your load with ease.

Ready to dupe any reluctant tom, the Hunter’s Specialties (319-395-0321; www.hunterspec.com) Penny Snood Feeder Hen Decoy ($80) is an inflatable take-anywhere fake sporting ultra-lifelike detail. The dent-resistant rubber and built-in air valve, which promises rapid deployment, mean this decoy will perform season after season, and the no-flake paint gives the feeding imposter a real-life look. The self-balancing stake tube allows for quick and easy placement.

Looking more like they belong in an art museum than a turkey vest, Duel Game Calls’ (855-802-0865; www.duelgamecalls.com) pot-and-peg calls ($100) are constructed of CNC-machined, warp-resistant laminated hardwood. Designed to reach out and grab the attention of a distant longbeard, the calls boast a dual-chamber sounding board and one-piece pillar construction designed to generate 40-percent better sound resonance than the average pot call. The calls are available in a Tough Country Slate version, a Legacy Glass version and a Precious Metal Aluminum version.

The fewer hooks and gadgets you have hanging above your head in a treestand the better, right? That’s what makes Hawk’s (810-626-3026; www.hawkhunting.com) new Tactical Duo Tree Hook ($8) so attractive. Fitted with an Oversized SilentGrip finish (sure to thwart any noise) and Ultra-Sharp AugerTip, the Tactical Duo drills easily into any tree. Designed to hold your bow, pack and other gear, the Tactical Duo serves all your in-the-tree needs. Plus, the included Thread Protector with carabineer makes it easy to carry the hook into the woods.

Looking to boost the amount of deer activity around your cameras this year? Then check out Moultrie’s (800-653-3334; www.moultrie-feeders.com) Camera Candy ($20). Specifically formulated to attract deer and keep them in the area, the 4-pound, hard-cooked Camera Candy blocks give deer something to nibble on while they pose for pictures. The included CamStrap allows the block to be positioned in such a way that ensures a trophy buck’s head is in the center of the frame.

I simply couldn’t pull myself away from the Zeiss (800-441-3005; www.zeiss.com) booth. The manufacturer’s new Victory SF 8x42 ($2,889) and 10x42 ($2,944) binoculars are spectacular in every way. At the core of these ergonomic binos is the Ultra-FL lens. Designed to achieve new levels of resolution, brilliance and color reproduction, the Ultra-FL lens doesn’t disappoint. In addition, the SF binoculars tip the scales at just 27.5 ounces, and the newly developed seven-lens eyepiece with Zeiss Field Flattener Technology creates an ultra-sharp image and quite possibly the widest field of view ever offered by Zeiss.

Offering a full and impressive line of supplements designed for the outdoor lifestyle, MTN OPS’ (888-760-3393; www.getmtnops.com) YETI ($40) has been approved by over 1,000 doctors and promises explosive and sustained energy without the crash. With a 20-plus-hour nitric-oxide release, YETI provides a buffet of vitamins and minerals as well as creatine for lean muscle mass.

Cuddeback’s (920-347-3810; www.cuddeback.com) Black Flash E3 trail camera ($150) is quickly proving to be a great meet-the-budget camera loaded with purposeful features. Able to detect game animals from 50 feet away, the Black Flash produces no game-spooking glow and its Zone Control Technology allows matching detection cones to terrain – from 4:3 to 16:9 ratios. Eight AA batteries ensure a full year of operation, and the time stamp automatically adjusts for daylight savings and includes the current moon phase.

The TC BH14 ($50) from Tenzing (630-552-3111; www.tenzingoutdoors.com) is endorsed by one of America’s favorite hunting couples, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo. It incorporates a waterproof bino pocket with breathable side panels designed to prevent fogging. The spandex-mesh shoulder straps are comfortable, and “The Choice” also comes with two additional side pockets, perfect for a few calls or a bottle of wind detector. Best of all, the 1-inch, fully adjustable side straps hold your binos tight to your body and prevent that frustrating swing motion.

From Cajun Bowfishing (800-694-9494; www.cajunbowfishing.com) comes the Cajun Hybrid ($100) bowfishing reel. A fully ambidextrous option, the Hybrid features stainless-steel screws, a four stainless-steel ball-bearing drive for improved feel and a tension-adjustment knob. A quick-access thumb cocking lever can be tied to the down cable of your compound bow to cock the reel once you reach full draw.

Lansky Sharpeners’ (716-877-7511; www.lansky.com) Blademedic Knife Sharpener ($16) is an ideal pocket companion to have along on any hunt. Having the Blademedic is like having an entire sharpening kit right in your pocket. Boasting tungsten carbide, ceramic sharpening rods, a serrated knife sharpener and a diamond tapered rod, this innovative sharpening device will put a fine finish on any blade in your hunting arsenal.

Squelching noise and vibration while holding arrows tight and rattle free is LimbSaver’s (877-257-2761; www.limbsaver.com) Silent Quiver ($60). Utilizing LimbSaver’s proprietary material NAVCOM hood, the quiver ensures maximum stealth, and the hood’s universal design fits both fixed and expandable broadheads. Also engineered into the quiver is an innovative quick-attachment mechanism that’s designed to be smooth and durable.

Insert Weld ($19) from .30-06 Outdoors (614-409-9300; www.30-06outdoors.com)was designed to “weld” inserts into both carbon and aluminum shafts. With a maximum bond time of just 90 seconds, Insert Weld’s black high-viscosity rubber toughened material is shock resistant and forms a not-to-be-broken bond. Tested and proven to boast 3,700 psi strength, Insert Weld is a must-have in the arrow-building tool kit.

Slim, sleek and economical, Plano’s (630-552-3111; www.planosynergy.com) Arrow Max Case ($25) was created for those who often expand their bowhunting adventures beyond their home woods. The case isn’t bulky. The case isn’t heavy. The case isn’t made of low-grade plastic that will chip and crack. Made of heavy-duty materials, the case features “H” latch closures and houses up to six arrows. Also sure to be appreciated is the roomy internal storage compartment.

The Stick-It ($20) from Viking Solutions (256-686-3268; www.vikingsl.com) is a new mounting option system for flashlights that gives users the option of using a magnet or a screw to hold the light in place. Ideal for use in a treestand or anywhere you need hands-free light operation, the mount will handle lights up to those that use a pair of C cell batteries.

New from BCY Bowstring (860-632-7115; www.bcyfibers.com) is Powergrip Serving ($21/jig spool). BCY’s new blend of tightly braided Spectra nylon comes in four different sizes: a .018-inch diameter for end or center serving, .021- and .025-inch diameter for center serving and a .032-inch diameter for crossbow center serving. Powergrip was designed to be durable and is resin coated.

Out to destroy bow and noise vibration once again in 2015, BowJax (208-762-3692; www.bowjax.com) launches its Silent Tamer Stabilizer Dampeners ($8). Weighing 305 grains each, these sound-squelching devices provide an extra level of silence security to your chosen stabilizer. Sporting holes at each of the four arm ends, the Silent Tamer lets you add weight to achieve that customized fit and feel.

From Vapor Trail (763-862-8870; www.vaportrailarchery.com) are the VT-Wax Pads ($9). Convenient pads pre-saturated with wax, VT-Wax Pads make string maintenance easy, quick and mess-free. VT-Wax is 100-percent all-natural, bio-degradable and ultra-polymer bowstring wax.

Still popular and flying off dealers’ shelves is the HR-200 ($450) from Ozonics Hunting (979-285-2400; www.ozonicshunting.com). Now available in Mossy Oak Treestand or Lost Camo patterns, the HR-200 does not mask human odor, but electronically changes ordinary oxygen molecules into ozone molecules, which effectively mask your scent.

Super handy and razor-sharp, the Benchmade (800-8007427; www.benchmade.com) 15060-2 Grizzly Creek Folder ($195) is a perfect on-the-hunt companion. Lightweight and taking up little pack space, this knife features a 3.5-inch CPM-S30V stainless-steel recurve blade and a folding gut hook.


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