Trophy Taker Takes Sight Line To New Level

Years of planning and design lead Trophy Taker Founder Dan Evans to the Option sight - a true innovation that combines the elements of a fixed and movable pin sight into one package.
Trophy Taker Takes Sight Line To New Level

Archery is about innovation – about stepping outside the box of standard product design and function. This morning while combing the floors of the ATA Show, I found innovation.

“It took me years of planning and designing, but it’s finally ready” said Trophy Taker Founder and hardcore elk ninja Dan Evans. “The Option lives up to its name. It combines the elements of a fixed and moveable pin sight into one.”

At first glance the sight looked complicated, but upon further inspection, it functions in a simple way. When closed, the five fixed, one moveable pin sight  takes on the appeal of a standard fixed-pin sight. However, a simple pull and swing unlocks the fixed-pin part of the housing and pulls it out of the way. What’s left? A housing containing a single moveable pin. It’s truly amazing.

“The sight is on a four-inch extension bar, and when you swing into single-pin mode, the multi-pin housing doesn’t obstruct your view in any way,” Evans said. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the multi-pin housing swinging back or being sloppy. We really made sure the sight was bulletproof in our design phase. That’s pretty cool being that all it takes to open and close the sight is a flick of the wrist.”

Magnets hold the fixed-pin guard in the open or closed positon, and the rubber dampeners ensure whisper-quiet operation. The fiber optics are completely protected, and the stainless steel pins are aligned perfectly.

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