Whitetail Video: The Unapologetic Joy of Roger Raglin

Roger Raglin has been producing hunting content for nearly 35 years, and his enthusiasm for the great outdoors is second to none.

Whitetail Video: The Unapologetic Joy of Roger Raglin

Because of my job as an hunting editor/writer for the past 30 years, I’ve had a front row seat to the significant changes in how outdoor content is delivered to the consumer. In addition, I’ve seen many of the most well-known outdoor content producers build their brand and fine-tune their craft.

Yes, I enjoy many of the high-quality hunting video productions available today. The hosts are often as polished, handsome/beautiful and well-spoken as the lead anchors on national news broadcasts. But one hunting celebrity — Roger Raglin — doesn’t fit this mold. And for that reason, he’s still near the top of my “must see TV” watch list.

In the 8-minute Facebook video below, Raglin is bowhunting whitetails in Kansas. Judging by his old-school Mathews compound, this deer hunt must have taken place at least 10 years ago, maybe 15.

If you haven’t seen any of Raglin’s hunting content through the years, then you’re in for a surprise. As I said previously, he’s not like any of the other well-known content producers today. You might ask yourself, “Is this guy for real?” The answer is “yes.” He’s the same person off camera as you see on camera. If I had to choose one word to describe his personality, I’d pick “enthusiastic.”

I encourage you to watch the Facebook video until the end. Many of Raglin’s best one-liners come in the final 30 seconds.

Raglin is a diehard deer hunter, and his biggest fans are the men, women and kids he affectionately calls the “weekend warriors.” And he enjoys engaging with them in the comments section on his Facebook page. (His Facebook page Roger Raglin Outdoors has 497K followers.)

Specific to the video below, one person wrote, “It's hard to believe you see anything the way you jump around and stuff. Lol.”

In reply, Raglin wrote, “You got to move to shoot at em. You got to move to rattle. Without all that movement, there'd be no dead deer. So, I decided long ago, give it my best shot at getting them in there for a shot, and if I spook em, I spook em. If not, I'm throwing an arrow at em'.”

Raglin, and his trademark “Jiminy Christmas!” celebration is authentic, and for that I admire him. He understands that success in the field isn’t dictated by inches of antler; it’s about collecting memories with friends and family.

Viewing tip: Be sure to hit the "click to enter fullscreen" icon on the Facebook video.


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