Video: Yearling Whitetail Jumps Over Family Dog

Whitetails have adapted well to living in suburban woodlots, but this yearling deer takes it up a notch by almost entering a Kansas family’s front door.

Video: Yearling Whitetail Jumps Over Family Dog

According to the Youtube description for this video, a homeowner recorded this deer/dog interaction via a Ring camera installed on the front door. Thankfully, the yearling whitetail stops just before crashing into the Kansas home. While we don’t know for sure, chances are good the deer was confused by a reflection in a full-glass front door, which made it look like an opening between homes.

The aging black Lab doesn’t bark — not once — and it’s smart enough to duck just a bit when the deer goes airborne. After the whitetail departs, the Lab is left with only a scent trail to remember the once-in-a-dog’s-life encounter.


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