Video: Two Bowhunters Ambush Nebraska Whitetails from a Pop-Up Blind

One great way to obtain permission on private land is to offer to remove a doe — or three — from the deer herd.

Video: Two Bowhunters Ambush Nebraska Whitetails from a Pop-Up Blind

Micah Reinke and Josh Pflasterer are co-hosts of the YouTube channel Bow Only Outdoors. The young men have a passion for bowhunting, and their excitement for pursuing big game comes through loud and clear in this 21-minute video.

The guys are in Nebraska bowhunting public land looking for a mature whitetail buck when they spot a field on private land that’s being visited each afternoon by nearly 150 whitetails. The landowner gives them permission to hunt, and they decide to help out the landowner — and the deer herd and property itself  — by purchasing several antlerless deer tags and arrowing four does. As you’ll see, one doe is hit too high when she jumps the string, and based on slow-motion video, it appears she will survive.

The hunt footage is outstanding. Pay special attention to how they brush in the pop-up blind, temporarily modify a barbed-wire fence to allow for clear passage for their arrows, and spray scent in the trail to encourage moving deer to stop. 

Deer management is important to prevent overpopulation, and Micah and Josh definitely do their part on this bowhunt.


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