Video: How Hunting Pressure Affects Buck Movement Around Food Plots

A massive scientific study from Auburn University sheds light on how whitetail bucks pattern hunters and then change their movement patterns around food plots.

Video: How Hunting Pressure Affects Buck Movement Around Food Plots

One benefit of working as an editor for 25-plus years in the outdoor industry is I’ve had the chance to meet some outstanding individuals. An excellent example is Lindsay Thomas Jr., the chief communications officer with the National Deer Association.

I’ve showcased some of the fine work published by the NDA on this website before, and the YouTube video below is another example. The scientific study from Auburn University referenced in the video aims to answer this common question: “How long does it take for buck movements around your deer stand to return to normal after you hunted there?”

Lindsay does an outstanding job explaining the study’s methodology; there’s no reason for me to summarize it here. Simply click on the video and allow Lindsay to walk you through it.

What impresses me most about the study is its scope; it’s massive in terms of sample size (number of bucks and hunters), age class of bucks, hunting property size and study duration.

Check out the video and then think about how you can implement the study’s findings into your hunting plan this fall.


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