Trail Cam Video: Lengthy Battle by Two Monster Whitetails

Thanks to well-placed trail cam, an epic after-dark battle between a 180-class non-typical and another monster whitetail was captured on video.

Trail Cam Video: Lengthy Battle by Two Monster Whitetails

Johnathan Moreland isn’t a household name in the whitetail world. In terms of a YouTube following, his channel is tiny (5.27K subscribers) compared to the big boys. That said, Moreland published a video about his 2020 pursuit of a 180-class Arkansas buck, which he named Road Runner, that’s drawing well-deserved attention.

I won’t spoil the entire story because it’s a good one. Viewing tip: The video is long — 38 minutes — so consider finding a comfortable spot and feasting on popcorn to enjoy the entire ride. However, if you don’t have that much time, you can fast-forward to the 12-minute mark to see Moreland drill a hog with his traditional bow, then he showcases a lengthy battle by two monster whitetails. He captured the video on a Stealth Cam, and even though the fight takes place well after sunset on October 12, his trail cam provides an amazingly clear view.

Using his traditional bow, Moreland eventually kills the combatant with the larger rack; he says Road Runner measured 186 inches (non-typical) and I don’t doubt the score. The “smaller” buck in the Stealth Cam fight clip, a heavily palmated 5x5 that Moreland says is a 4.5-year-old, is so close in antler size that it’s often difficult to tell which one is which during the battle.

As you watch the fight, be sure to turn up the video volume. This is a valuable lesson regarding the sounds to mimic when rattling during whitetail breeding season. There’s not much light clicking of antler tines; instead, you’ll hear heavier sounds of antler main beams and bases twisting and grinding, with numerous pauses and a good amount of ground noise (hooves ripping up soil and toppling brush and saplings). At one point, the pair bumps into the trail cam!

Road Runner loses the fight in my opinion. His challenger appears to have a bigger body, and seems to be the aggressor. It’s the most impressive buck fight I’ve ever seen. Period.

P.S. If you don’t want to watch the entire video and are interested in only Moreland arrowing Road Runner, then fast-forward to the 23:20 mark. The buck shows up midday on November 1. The degree of difficulty is high with this bowhunt: It’s southern Arkansas — not southern Iowa. Moreland is using a longbow, not a compound or crossbow. Private land, over naturally falling acorns. Self-filmed. Impressive! (Note: You’ll want to turn down the video volume after Moreland shoots Road Runner because his celebration in the stand is LOUD.)


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