My Favorite Whitetail Hunting YouTube Video of 2020

YouTube is packed with whitetail hunting videos, and while some of it is a waste of time, other content is outstanding. Here’s my favorite one of 2020.

My Favorite Whitetail Hunting YouTube Video of 2020

Regular visitors of this website know that I’m a fan of the content produced by the hosts of The Hunting Public. During spring they focus on turkeys, and it the fall it changes to whitetails. The vast majority of their pursuits takes place on public land, hence the YouTube channel name, The Hunting Public (THP).

By the end of the year, THP will have posted 60-plus whitetail hunting episodes in their Deer Tour ’20. Most of their videos are 15 -25 minutes long, but occasionally they’ll post a longer one, and that’s the case with my favorite whitetail hunting YouTube video of 2020. 

The setting for this 42-minute episode (No. 8 on their Deer Tour ’20) is public land in western North Dakota. The date is September 6, and Zach is attempting to sneak within bow range of a bedded whitetail buck. I won’t say any more for fear of spoiling your enjoyment of this episode. Trust me — it’s worth your time.

Kudos to the guys from THP for promoting a message of fair chase and recruiting new hunters — bow and gun users — so the hunting tradition can continue far into the future. The THP hosts prove each spring and fall that you don’t have to be rich or well-connected to have success in the turkey and deer woods. All you need is the desire. 

Grab some popcorn and a cold drink (or a hot chocolate!) and then settle in for a wide ride in North Dakota.


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