Must-See Video: Chainsaw Used to Free Locked Whitetail Bucks

This intense video of using a chainsaw to free locked whitetail bucks definitely falls into the “do NOT try this at home” category.

Must-See Video: Chainsaw Used to Free Locked Whitetail Bucks

If you’re a diehard whitetail hunter, then chances are good you’ve heard of the outdoor series called “Midwest Whitetail.” Well-known deer hunter Bill Winke is the primary host, but he shares time in front of the camera with many others. In the case of the video below, it appeared in the online series called “Midwest Whitetail Daily,” and specifically a blog posted by Owen Reigler, who deer hunts in southern Iowa.

Reigler was setting up a new ground blind (not hunting at the time) and heard two bucks fighting. Because the sound continued on and on, he finally walked over to investigate. The video below tells the rest of the story.

Author’s opinion: While I commend these guys on their willingness to help two distressed whitetails — and the use of a tow strap was brilliant — in my opinion they took too great a risk. If I was in a similar situation, I would call a conservation officer or someone in law enforcement. Because I’m sure it would be illegal for me to shoot the deer to end their misery (unless I had two unfilled buck tags), I’d have ammo and an unloaded deer rifle ready to be uncased should they ask for it. I’m glad everything worked out for Reigler and his friend, but as you’ll see in the video, it wouldn’t have taken much of a slip by the man running the chainsaw, or a sudden twist by one of the bucks, to escalate this scene into a human tragedy.


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