Montana Decoy Archer’s Choice Plot Pack

The Montana Decoy Archer’s Choice Plot Pack can be used throughout the entire archery deer season to lure whitetails into shooting range.

Montana Decoy Archer’s Choice Plot Pack

The Archer’s Choice Plot Pack from Montana Decoy is a great decoy setup when hunting whitetails in crop lands, food plots or natural browse — a two-decoy combo that provides amazing versatility all season. Developed by Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo from the Archer’s Choice TV show, the Plot Pack was designed so the hunter can simply adjust the setup in response to what deer in their area are doing. During early season the Motion Doe can be used alone. When the pre-rut kicks in and bucks are establishing dominance, the hunter can switch to the Buck/Doe decoy with antlers (the antlers can be removed if desired). During the peak of the rut, the combination of the Motion Doe and the Buck/Doe with antlers is most effective. Then, during late season, hunters can use both decoys without antlers to target feeding areas. MSRP: $139.99. Contact:

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