Analyze Trail Cam Pics From Last Whitetail Deer Season

Now is the time to go through trail cam pics from last whitetail deer season to begin building a plan for success this fall.

Analyze Trail Cam Pics From Last Whitetail Deer Season

If you’re a die-hard deer hunter, you know there really is no off-season.

Most hunters don’t kill their hit-list bucks year after year by stepping foot in the woods for the first time on opening day. For the most successful whitetail hunters, the quest for the next hit-lister begins the day after the last day of hunting season and continues until opening day. If you are looking for something to do this month, now is a good time to take all of your information from last year and put it to good use.

There are two important missions you can accomplish now to increase your success come fall: analyze your trail camera images, and hang your early and late-season stands. That’s right. Shed antler hunting season is the best time to hang your late-season stands because all of the recent information is still available. Still present are buck rubs, game trails and scrapes, and it’s all easy to discover while the trees are without foliage.

To get the most from my trail cam pics, I use a software called DeerLab (above). Once I go through and tag my images, it formulates charts and graphs that help me see where, and when, the majority of the deer activity occurs. As the leaves make their way back on the trees, I make my way out to the farm and set up my deer stands.

The information from all of my trail camera images along with late-summer scouting, are key to my success in fall. Also, by hanging treestands early, the risk of bumping a buck or depositing human odor in the area is substantially lower than hanging them right before deer season.

Go through your trail cam pics now to build your success this fall.


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