‘Snow-nado’ Video: Outstanding Girls-Only Waterfowl Hunt in Alberta

When snow geese and specklebellies are so numerous that they look like a tornado — a “snow-nado” — there comes a time to stop shooting and simply watch the show.

‘Snow-nado’ Video: Outstanding Girls-Only Waterfowl Hunt in Alberta

The video below showcases a girls-only waterfowl hunt in Alberta, Canada. Cole Townsend, who’s co-owner of Ole Dog Outfitters with his partner Thomas Gilpin, sets the scene for the hunt, and then you’ll meet the participants: Lyndsey Braun, Courtney Nicolson, Olivia Stanley, and Allison Hunter Voges. Two of the women are avid waterfowl hunters, and they’re mentoring the other two who are pursuing ducks and geese for the first time.

This field hunt is every waterfowler’s dream because the birds are numerous and cooperative. This isn’t Townsend’s first rodeo, and the women reap the rewards of his scouting and skill. And as you’ll see, at times the women stop shooting and simply watch the show. (Keep an eye out for some crazy-cool Northern Lights, too.)

The description provided for this YouTube states it perfectly: “Finding a hunting mentor is one of the best ways to fuel a passion for hunting.”

My greatest hunting memories aren’t of my own successes, but those of my dad, brother, kids and friends. Early in life I was a student, and then later I served as a teacher. During 2022, make it your mission to introduce someone new to the outdoors — hunting, fishing or shooting.

P.S. In the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that I’m biased toward this video because I’m friends with the guy who captured it all on camera, as well as another buddy who put it all together in the production/editing phase. Nice work, Joe and Forrest!


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