Late-Season Waterfowl Video: Solo Mallard Limit Over Minimal Decoy Spread

This video is proof you don’t need tons of expensive gear to be a successful duck hunter.

Late-Season Waterfowl Video: Solo Mallard Limit Over Minimal Decoy Spread

Instagram photo from High Prairie Sportsmen

My 20-year-old son Elliott is a diehard duck hunter, and whenever he’s home from college, we watch waterfowl videos on YouTube while eating dinner. Elliott is quite choosy when it comes to online duck hunting content, and near the top of his list is High Prairie Sportsmen.

At the time of this writing, the HPS channel has nearly 40K subscribers, which might not seem like a lot, but because waterfowl hunting content on YouTube isn’t a massive category, it’s a decent-size following. And the channel’s subscriber base has been growing at a quick pace during the past year thanks to its top-notch content.

In the 10-minute YouTube video below, Matt, the host of High Prairie Sportsmen, hikes to a small-water spot at midday, hoping to shoot ducks with his 28 gauge. As you’ll see, it doesn’t take long for late-season mallards to find his small spread (only nine decoys!).

Matt does an outstanding job filming his duck hunts, especially considering he’s not traveling with a cameraman. He often uses two cameras, one mounted on his head/hat, and one staked out over his decoys to capture a wider angle. 

Matt pursues waterfowl throughout the Midwest; best I can tell, he does a lot of filming/hunting in Nebraska. (Lincoln, Nebraska, is listed in the “About” section on the High Prairie Sportsmen Facebook page.) The best way to keep up with Matt’s content is to subscribe to his YouTube channel, and follow High Prairie Sportsmen on Instagram.

Watch enough of Matt’s videos and you’ll notice he waits for close-range opportunities, is a good shot, and passes on hens. Check out the 8:12 mark of the video to see what I mean regarding hens. Sure, he’ll drop a hen occasionally, but most often it’s because a hen switched place with a drake as he was pulling the trigger.

FYI: If you’re really in a rush and want to see a perfect example of Matt’s killer content, fast-forward to the 8:53 mark and watch as he fills his limit with a gorgeous greenhead.


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