VIDEO: Which Arrows To Shoot Following A Shoulder Injury

A shoulder injury for most is a traumatic event. For bowhunters, it threatens their passion. Here are a few tips on what types of arrows to shoot while recovering from a shoulder injury.

I’ve received some questions via email about my shoulder injury recovery video that was recently posted. The arrows I’m shooting out of my Bowtech Carbon Ion and Elite Synergy are Gold Tip Velocity XT 400s. I’ve found them to be tough and durable arrows, and they give me a little boost in speed. Plus, I’m impressed with their downrange accuracy.

Currently, I’m pulling 58 pounds with my Elite Synergy (I’ve gone up in poundage since the video post), and my arrows tip the scale at just over 350 grains. Yes, I could go lighter, but I want to keep some kinetic energy. This setup is mainly for turkey hunting, and I’m pleased with my arrow speed and kinetic energy.

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As for those who want to know if I will jump back to 70 pounds of draw weight, the answer is yes. My biggest reason is confidence when hunting heavy-boned western game like elk and mule deer. When shooting Carbon Express Maxima Red 350 arrows from my Hoyt Nitrum 34, I’m getting over 75 pounds of kinetic energy. The same holds true when firing Victory VAP V1 arrows from my Bear Arena 30. I’m not a big speed freak, but I do like the fact that I can shoot a heavier arrow and still hit speeds at or just above 300 fps.

For those who hit me up about the Trophy Ridge Clutch sight, I do love it. The great thing about the Clutch is that you can put two tapes on it. This allows you to shoot two different arrows out of the same bow or have one tape sighted-in for one bow and one tape sighted-in for another.

Those who wanted to know if I’d had any experience with the Spot-Hogg Double Pin should be sure to check out the video. This is an innovative concept from Spot-Hogg – a single-pin design with two illuminated aiming points on a single vertical post.

I also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to those of you wishing me well on my recovery. The injury could have been a lot worse. I’m taking it slow and not pushing things too fast.


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