VIDEO: Johnny Stewart Executioner game call review

The Johnny Stewart Executioner, from Hunter's Specialties, the #1 brand in authentic wildlife sounds comes the most advanced predator caller on the market.

The Johnny Stewart Executioner has state-of-the-art technology, unmatched user friendliness, and the most authentic sounds in the business, and it delivers never experienced performance to predator hunters. Three calling modes — "Standard" plays precisely as recorded, "Sound Shuffle" randomly shuffles sound segments of the original loop (critters won't get conditioned or educated to repeated sounds), "Custom Sequence" plays calls in a sequence designed and programmed by the user. Comes with 100 Johnny Stewart sounds, has 16 sound presets on the remote and 16 sound presets on the base unit, can play two sounds simultaneously, includes integrated tracking GPS. The ergonomic remote with LCD display operates up to 100 yards away, powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Operates in all audio formats including 24- or 32-bit, has 4GB of internal storage and sets the standard in sound/speaker quality with adjustable amp power output of either 9 watt or 18 watt for ultra long range calling while using either 8 AA or 8 C cell batteries.

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