VIDEO: Fish Tongue Or Parasite?

Mother Nature is full of wonders. Some of which are positively on the strange side. Did you know there's a parasite that actually becomes a fish's tongue?

It’s that time of year when tackle boxes get dusted off and rods and reels get ready for casting action.

Catch and release, or catch, clean, and eat — Fisherman love to fish.

There’s something else that enjoys fish just as much. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s downright not suitable for after mealtime daydreams. But, it’s real, and it’s science.

Introducing Cymothoa Exigua. A parasite that makes its way into a fish’s mouth and takes up residence on the tongue. After consuming most of the muscle, the parasitic isopod actually acts as an artificial tongue for the host.

Hungry yet?

Then next time you’re in the mood for snapper or mahi-mahi make sure there are no bonus features to your catch.

See what PBS' "Gross Science" has to say about this child of Mother Nature.


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