VIDEO: Concealed Carry For The Business Professional

We look at two concealed-carry products that allow the business professional to carry comfortably while looking good.

There are a plethora of concealed-carry options for men and women today. From inside the waistband to concealed-carry purses, there’s something for nearly everyone. The one area that I’ve found lacking is for the business professional who also has to adhere to a dress code. I recently found two products, that when combined, allows the office employee to comfortably carry a concealed firearm while looking the part.

MagnaReady Shirt

The MagnaReady shirts feature powerful magnets in the fabric of the shirt behind the faux buttons along the chest and at the cuffs. When fastened together the magnets create a tight, clean fit. I’ve worn the dress shirt to work on several occasions and the magnets have never pulled apart or caused the shirt to bunch up or look funny. I’ve been totally impressed with the quality, look and function of the shirt. The best part, when you reach for your weapon, there are no buttons to undo. You simply slide your hand through the magnetically-closed shirt and draw your firearm. The magnets don’t make any sound either, so in a defensive situation you can pull your pistol quietly to surprise an unsuspecting threat.

The shirts sell for $62.95 to $64.95 and can be purchased directly from MagnaReady. Currently there are about 16 different color and patterns to choose from and a couple women’s shirts, too.

Holster—Ultra Gen 2 Concealed Carry

The best holster that I’ve found for discreet concealed carry while wearing the MagnaReady shirt is the Deep Conceal Shoulder Holster. There are several models to choose from. I used the Ultra Gen 2 Concealed Carry Holster in the video with a right-handed draw. Once you adjust the Velcro shoulder and torso straps, the Ultra Gen 2 wears like a dream. I carried my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield (the holster would easily carry a larger handgun). The firearm stays securely tucked under your armpit with no bouncing or swaying while walking. Because it secures the weapon under your arm, there’s no visible protrusion of the shirt when wearing this holster. A simple Velcro strap keeps your sidearm securely in the holster pocket, but allows the weapon to be quickly and effortlessly pulled from the pocket when needed — just grab the gun and pull.

I also tried Deep Conceal’s Universal Harness Gen 2. This is a more-adjustable model that allows you to place the removable-holster pocket where you want it. It also comes with a removable magazine pocket. This holster sells for $49.85. The Ultra Gen 2 sells for $43.95 and both can be purchased at Deep Conceal.

If you’re required to dress for the office and you’re looking for a comfortable and effective concealed-carry option, then I highly recommend that you check out the MagnaReady shirt line and Deep Conceal Holsters — they make a lethal combination.


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