Video: Wild Turkey Hunting Fail (Almost!)

The young hunter in this 1-minute video finally gets his wild turkey, but you won’t believe how.

Video: Wild Turkey Hunting Fail (Almost!)

The 1-minute YouTube turkey hunting clip below has been circulating on social media with the question, “Whose buddy is this happening to?”

There’s some cursing in the clip (sort of hard to hear and understand), so consider yourself warned. That said, the video is funny (my opinion) — and it shows how any hunting encounter can quickly turn into a rodeo.

During my 40 years of turkey hunting, I’ve certainly been the answer to the “Whose buddy” question. Example: I remember needing five shots to kill a Merriam’s gobbler in southwest South Dakota. My first shot was at a distance of 45 yards, the tom was walking steadily from left to right, not coming closer, so I fired. The tom stumbled, then started running down a hill and quickly took flight — now flying left to right. I shot a second time, then a third, with no identification of a hit. The tom flew 300 yards to the next ridge, so I hustled in that direction, then slowed my pace to search for the bird in the relatively open pine forest. Fifteen minutes later, I spotted the tom 35 yards above me on the hill; he was hiding in the shade of a cedar bush. I aimed and fired, sending the bird rolling down the hill toward me. Unbelievably, at a distance of 20 yards the tom stopped cartwheeling and he regained his footing, and he was running at me! I fired a fifth shot, finally killing him. I swear that gobbler was possessed.

Enjoy the video, then share it with the buddy who you think is most likely to copy the young hunter’s surprising technique.


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