Trail Cam Video: Turkeys Chase a . . . What?!

This 11-second trail cam video gives the author a crazy idea for next turkey season.

Trail Cam Video: Turkeys Chase a . . . What?!

My friend Dr. Grant Woods posted a trail cam video on Facebook recently with this description: “This is one of the craziest trail camera videos we’ve seen in a while!”

Grant is host of Growing Deer TV, and I’ve highlighted his content several times in the past on this website. He’s a wildlife biologist, avid deer and turkey hunter, and his YouTube channel has 351,000 subscribers and 1,500 videos.

The clip below is only 11 seconds long, and the reason for the aggressive reaction by the turkeys is already off-camera by the 3-second mark, so you’ll have to watch closely right from the start. (Note: Be sure to click to enter fullscreen for best viewing.)

As an avid bowhunter for wild turkeys, I had a “lightbulb moment” as the action unfolded. The trick with bowhunting birds is getting them into spitting distance. Using a Magnus Bullhead broadhead for head/neck shots, I don’t shoot beyond 12-ish yards, and half that distance is preferred.

Yes, this trail cam video has planted the idea of rigging a 2- or 3-foot rubber snake on fishing line, then pulling the snake across bare ground. It might work like magic when a gobbler is standing 20 to 30 yards away and he can see the snake slither across the soil.

It should be fun. I’ll keep you posted!


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