The Life Of A Bowhunter In Turkey Season: Day 5

Turkey season is heating up in Colorado. See what Bowhunting World's Editor caught on his trail cam.

I was eager to get back out this morning and see if my tom and his two female companions would repeat their previous morning’s routine. As the sun cracked the horizon, the tom let out a single gobble and then went silent. The hens never made a peep. Moments later, the unmistakable sound of wingbeats filled the air as the longbeard soared across the river into the greening-up-by-the-day alfalfa. It was a beautiful sight. I swear, scouting is without question one of my favorite parts of the bowhunting equation.

I watched the trio for over an hour before they disappeared into the thick woods. After I was certain they had moved off a good distance, I went and pulled my trail camera cards. I had zero turkey images on my Stealth Cam G30, and my Moultrie M-888i followed suit. Plenty of deer, but no turkeys. I simply swapped cards and left the cameras to be my eyes in the field. It won’t be long before birds move into the areas where these two cameras are situated.

My Plot Watcher, which is, of course, located just off the alfalfa field, had plenty of time lapse video of the tom and his girlfriends. We are one day closer to opening day here in the Centennial State! Enjoy the short video clip from my Plot Watcher.

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