Must-See Turkey Hunting Video: Gobbler vs. Decoy (and Decoy Wins!)

Think you’ve seen just about everything when it comes to turkey hunting footage? Trust us, you’ve never seen anything like this video.

Must-See Turkey Hunting Video: Gobbler vs. Decoy (and Decoy Wins!)

My good friend Tim Herald is a veteran hunter who has tagged more turkeys than anyone I know, and each year he travels outside his home state of Kentucky to pursue birds. He is usually filming his hunts for TV or YouTube, and while he’s seen just about everything in the spring turkey woods, what transpired on this Tennessee hunt might rank at the top for unexpected outcomes.

Tim is sitting beside his buddy Lee Britt, and as you’ll see, the duo can’t contain their giggles when a big gobbler finds himself in a bit of a predicament. I won’t spoil it with more words. Just watch and enjoy.

Post-video author’s note: Hopefully you’ve watched the video before reading this spoiler. So what is going on in this video? In my opinion, the gobbler thinks he’s sparing with a real turkey, but he just can’t see what’s going on for obvious reasons. As he moves around with the fan stuck on his head, he thinks the opponent is simply keeping its fan in his face. This is certainly an unorthodox fighting technique — one the tom has never faced before — but he has no choice; he must take part in the dance. When the decoy fan finally falls to the ground, you see the gobbler stomp on it because he thinks he’s finally won the fight. Crazy!


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