Fox Haas Kills a Wild Turkey 75 Years in a Row

Fox Haas, father of Mossy Oak Founder Toxey Haas, is 91 years old, and he recently killed a wild turkey — but not just any turkey. This is a milestone bird for “Mr. Fox,” marking 75 years in row tagging a turkey!

Fox Haas Kills a Wild Turkey 75 Years in a Row

Left to right: Mossy Oak Founder Toxey Haas, with his dad, Fox, and his sons, Neill and Daniel.

Fox Haas was born Aug. 20, 1930. Fox is the father of Mossy Oak Founder Toxey Haas, and except for the select few who can call him “Papaw,” he’s known as “Mr. Fox.”

Fox Haas is a wise and experienced outdoorsman who in the mid-1980s supported his son, Toxey, in the development of Mossy Oak camouflage, a pattern specific to hunting the bottomlands of Mississippi. Mr. Fox is a diehard turkey hunter who has always understood that healthy wild turkey populations begins with conservation and care for our wild lands.

The following was posted on Mossy Oak’s website in honor of Mr. Fox on his 91st birthday:

“It’s no accident that Mossy Oak’s original camo pattern, Bottomland, was developed to hide from turkeys. A wild turkey’s vision is quite hard to fool, but were it not for Mr. Fox’s efforts to conserve the dwindling, southern wild turkey populations in the 1970s, our turkey hunting traditions would be lost.”

The photo above was recently posted on Mossy Oak’s Facebook page. The caption stated:

“Congrats to Mr. Fox on an iconic milestone! This morning at 91 years old, Mr. Fox with his son and grandsons called in this fine Mississippi longbeard, and he has now killed a turkey 75 seasons in a row. Thank you to everyone who’s sent prayers our way and cheered him on. This morning was one we’ll remember forever.”

Check out the video below for the story of Mr. Fox Haas’ 70th turkey season (five seasons ago). It’s a rollercoaster ride you don’t want to miss.


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