2010 Turkey Product Roundup

Turkey season is upon us and here are some products that will help fill your turkey tag this year.
2010 Turkey Product Roundup

Nikon Turkey BTR Scope

Nikon Hunting Scope BTRWebsite: Nikon Hunting

Nikon 1.65-5x36mm TurkeyPro BTR riflescope is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. The scope features Nikon’s TurkeyPro Ballistic Turkey Reticle which subtends a turkey''s head from crown to wattles at 40 yards, a multicoated optical system, anti-reflective technology, and 5 inches of eye relief. It’s available in matte black and Realtree or Mossy Oak camouflage.

Gamehide ElimiTick Clothing

Gamehide Elimitick ClothingWebsite: Elimitick

Gamehide’s new ElimiTick clothing stops ticks, chiggers and other pesty insects. And we all know how bad those little rascals can be during turkey season. The repellant, which is a man made version of the natural repellant found in chrysanthemum flowers which has been bonded to the fabric, lasts the life of the garment, is odorless and retains complete effectiveness through 70 washings.

Winchester Xtended Range Shotshells

Winchester Xtended Range Turkey AmmoWebsite: Winchester Ammunition

Even though this isn''t a new product, it''s definitely worth mentioning. Winchester shotshells are still putting turkey breasts in the skillet season after season. Winchester says that the shot design in their Xtended Range series will produce 10% better patterns than that of conventional lead shot. Xtended Range Hi-Density shot is available in three 12 ga. loads, 3 ½”, 3”, and 2 ¾”. All three are available in both 5 and 6 shot size.

Hunter''s Specialties Li''l Duece Ring Zone

Hunters Specialties Lil DueceWebsite: Hunter''s Specialities

In 2010 Hunter’s Specialties has introduced the Li’l Deuce Ring Zone. The Li’l Deuce is said to resonate at the same, specific frequencies of a turkey’s optimal hearing range. It''s small and compact enough to fit into a shirt pocket yet has plenty of volume to call birds in from a distance. The Li’l Deuce Ring Zone is available in both glass and slate versions and comes with a carbon striker. It sells for a suggested retail price of $15.95.

Hunter''s Specialties Squealing Hen Call

Hunters Specialties Squealing HenWebsite: Hunter''s Specialities

The new Squealing Hen Call from Hunter’s Specialties reproduces the sound a hen turkey makes during breeding, triggering an internal frenzied response from gobblers to seek and find the source of the sound. Developed by Pro Staff member Eddie Salter, he says that gobblers are driven to come in and check out the sound, which appeals to both breeding and territorial instincts. Suggested retail price of $21.99.

Knight and Hale Ultimate Fighting Purr

Knight and Hale Ultimate Fighting PurrWebsite: Knight and Hale Game Calls

Knight and Hale developed the Fighting Purr calling system in the late 1980’s and now introduce the Ultimate Fighting Purr call. This call can be used by holding it in one hand and rotating the spindle with the other or place it on the ground for one hand operation. I picked one up at this year''s SHOT Show in Las Vegas and had no problem figuring out the call. It''s basically fool-proof in it''s design and use.

Carry-Lite Decoys Pretty Mama and Pretty Boy Semi-Strutting Jake Decoy

Carry Lite DecoysWebsite: Carry-Lite Decoys

New from Carry-Lite Decoys this year are the Pretty Mama and the Pretty Boy Semi-Strutting Jake Decoy. Both are made from a soft and pliable material that is easy to fold up and stick in your decoy bag or vest. The jake decoy has a synthetic beard that is adjustable for length to change from a jake to a mature gobbler.

Edge Do-It-Yourself Turkey Tail Kit

Website: Edge Decoys

Edge By Expedite decoysThis turkey tail mounting bracket is for use with all the big strutters on the market. Just cut your real feathers out of your harvested bird turkey tail, insert them into the bracket and mount it on the back of your decoy. When you are moving between hunting spots, the bracket allows the tail feathers to be collapsed so it''s only about 5" wide. This saves your tail feathers from being crushed and is much easier to transport in the field.

Primos Killer B Mobile Turkey Decoy

Primos Killer B Turkey DecoyWebsite: Primos

The Primos is an updated version of the B-Mobile turkey decoy. It has glass eyes and a realistic tail fan that can be set from full strut to 3/4 strut to lying flat. It''s made with the same material as the B-Mobile and is easy to roll up and place in your turkey vest.

Knight and Hale Tirade Box Call

Knight and Hale Tirade Box CallWebsite: Knight and Hale Game Calls

This patent pending box call has the ability to change tone and pitch with a simple turn of the dial. The call is built with an internal and external magnets which pull on the sides of the call and make the call change pitch and tone when the dial is rotated. This gives the user the ability to sound like many different turkeys with one call.

MAD Classic Alluminator MD-350 Call

MAD Alluminator CallWebsite: MAD Calls

The pot of the Alluminator is constructed of gunstock quality All American walnut pot with uniquely designed sound ports to produce contest quality turkey sounds. The striking surface is Anodized Aluminum and the sound board is glass. A custom Dymondwood striker and a Rainy Day carbon striker ship with each pot.

Edge Reel Turkey Feeding Hen

Edge Reel Turkey DecoyWebsite: Edge Decoys

The Reel Turkey Feeding Hen is a full function motion decoy. It''s a string controlled decoy that can walk and feed as it moves along. It''s fully collapsible, comes with a reel and 200'' of 80lb braided line and a carry bag. The default position for the decoy is tipped forward like it''s feeding. You can make it stand up and walk by pulling on the cord. When you let the line go slack, it will tip down as if it''s feeding. If you want to have it stand up and not walk, you simply tighten the drag on the reel, pull all the slack out so it''s standing up and lay the reel down in the grass. The weight of the reel with the line tight will keep it in the upright/standing position. Check out the Youtube video of the Reel Turkey Feeding Hen.

Flambeau Flocked King Strut Turkey Decoy

Flambeau Flocked King Strut decoyWebsite: Flambeau Decoys

The Flocked King Strut is the only full strut on the market that has a flock fiber coating, which creates the illusion of real feather. The flocking is supposed to eliminate decoy shine and reduces transportation noise. It''s the same coating they use on their predator hunting decoys. You can also pack the strutter in your vest; it is full collapsible and lightweight. Side grommets allow installation of real wings.

Prois Ultra Hoodie

Prois Ultra HoodieWebsite: Prois Hunting

Alright, for all the women hunters out there that get tired of wearing men''s clothing, Prois has another great item for you. The Ultra Hoodie is perfect for those cooler morning turkey hunts. I have to say that I''ve obviously never worn one due to the fact that I''d be laughed out of the woods by my hunting buddies, but every single woman hunter that I''ve known to wear Prois clothing has absolutely raved about the fit of their clothing items.

Federal FlightControl Turkey Loads

Website: Federal Ammuntion

Federal Flight Control Turkey Load

Federal Premium’s revolutionary FliteControl wads stay with shot longer, providing more high-velocity pellets to stay on target. And these turkey loads produce 30% tighter patterns than traditional wad systems with copper-plated buffered shot for dense, tight, uniform patterns. 10 rounds per box.

Fieldline H20 Field Waist Pack

Fieldline Waist PackWebsite: Fieldline

Fieldline''s H20 Field Waist Pack is perfect for quick trips into the woods. I like to keep moving when I''m in the woods and to do so I like to carry minimal equipment. The H20Pack has two large pockets, pockets for two water bottles and can accept the Buddy-Lok system around the waist belt. There are tons of accessories in the Buddy-Lok line, so finding something to fit your needs is almost definite.


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