Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush 20 Lightsout: When two cameras are (far) better than one

The new Silent Crush 20 Lightsout camera from Wildgame Innovations is two onboard cameras in one to optimize the camera’s performance in any and all lighting conditions.
Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush 20 Lightsout: When two cameras are (far) better than one

As the song goes, “It takes two to make a thing go right.” Certainly that’s the case for the Silent Crush 20 Lightsout camera from Wildgame Innovations, which features not one, but two onboard cameras so to optimize the camera’s performance no matter what the lighting conditions are.

Wildgame calls it Tru-Dual Cams. One camera boasts a glass lens optimized for superior HD quality, while the other is designed to take nighttime images with better clarity and illumination and decreased night blur. No matter when your target animal walks into range, you can get exceptional photos and videos.

The goals for this camera were, according to Wildgame Innovations, stealth, silence and quality. And with its game-changing design, the Silent Crush 20 Lightsout definitely meets those goals — this camera is completely silent in the woods, thanks to Zero Detection technology. There’s no mechanical IR filter to make noise, and Wildgame has gone the extra step to silence the shutter as well. It’s made even stealthier with the addition of Trubark HD camouflage.

The Silent Crush 20 Lightsout also boasts a number of purposeful features and capabilities, such as the time-lapse mode with Flextime technology, an invisible infrared LED flash, a sub-½-second trigger and a 100-foot detection range. This camera takes both 20 MP high-resolution photos and 780p HD video (up to 30 seconds). An anti-fog lens eliminates dew and moisture, while the water-resistant housing stands up to the weather. For easy operation in the field, the Silent Crush 20 Lightsout features back-lit buttons.

This camera runs on eight AA batteries (not included) and can take an SD card up to 32 GB. And — especially considering you’re getting two cameras in one — it has a very pleasing MSRP of just $159.99.

What’s been the response to this camera so far? “Thoroughly impressed,” said Randy Birdsong of Headhunters TV in a video review posted on the Wildgame Innovations Facebook page. After using the camera for a couple months, he described the Zero Detection technology as “unbelievable.”

“A lot of the cameras in the past have had the zero detection as far as the black infrareds, the invisible infrareds, but now these new Silent Crush 20s have zero noise detection,” he explained. “What that means is, when a camera goes off and it takes that picture, you hear that audible click. A lot of our deer, you can tell they key in on that. But with this new Silent Crush 20, we can tell it in our pictures just over the last couple months — I mean zero detection all the way around. We’ve been having some great luck with them.”

Of course, “luck” is probably not the right word to use there. Because when you have a camera designed with this much attention to stealth, silence and quality, luck has nothing to do with getting great photos.


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