Upgrade Your Optics With ATN’s New Program

You trade in and upgrade your smartphone every few years. Why not upgrade your smart riflescope the same way?

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Upgrade Your Optics With ATN’s New Program

Most of us carry a smartphone around these days. While they’ve become an important part of our lives, the technology is advancing so quickly that they become out of date in a short time. Thus, we’ve become accustomed to upgrading our phones every few years, usually sending in the old model and trading up for a better version.

But smartphones aren’t the only high-tech devices we enjoy and might want to upgrade. What if we could apply the upgrade model to, say, our optics?

ATN has taken the upgrade concept and ran with it. Through the company’s online portal, you can now trade in your legacy X-Sight 2 HD Day/Night Scope or X-Sight 4K Pro scope and upgrade it to a brand new model X-Sight 4K Pro Scope — and choose a premium Mossy Oak Bottomland, Break-Up Country or Elements Terra camouflage pattern if you’d like.

Just use the online portal to let ATN know what you’re trading in and the company will provide you an instant credit (up to $260 depending on the model) you can use toward the purchase of a new scope. When you receive the new scope in the mail, you’ll also receive a box and a return shipping label for your older scope. Just send the old model back in the box and the transaction is complete. Time to hit the field!

Now, this upgrade program differs from the smartphone model in one key way: Smartphones become obsolete or stop working after a few years of use, while your older-model ATN scope will still be fully functional with no degradation in the user experience. You won’t need to upgrade, but you might want to.

Though the original X-Sight 2HD still works well, the new 4K Pro version features an upgraded sensor, the newer and more robust ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core, and greatly expanded battery life. This smart ultra HD day- and night-vision scope gives you a sharp, crisp picture at any hunting distance. It’s available in two lenses (3-14X and 5-20X), features an enhanced HD night-vision mode, and shoots HD video that can be activated by recoil and can be streamed or recorded to an SD card. And with ATN’s new Mossy Oak partnership, you can get it in your choice of camo pattern as well as standard black.

ATN calls this upgrade program a “continuation of ATN’s mission to bring feature-rich riflescopes to the market,” and it’s easy to see how that’s true. Obviously, a program like this would be considerably less desirable from a company that makes traditional scopes — but ATN is far from traditional, focusing on scopes built for 21st-century hunters who crave the latest technology. ATN’s thermal and night-vision scopes are packed with Smart features, and technology in this arena is ever-evolving and improving.

“Our commitment to our customers is unwavering,” says ATN CMO Marc Vayn. “By providing the best programs in the electro-optics vertical, we strive to give our customers a five-star experience and the opportunity to have the latest and greatest from ATN.”

The concept of trading in and upgrading electro-optics is just another way ATN is breaking new ground in the optics industry. If you’d like to learn more about how the process works, you can explore your options on ATN’s online portal here.


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