Spot-Hogg Multi-Ring Technology

Multi-Ring Technology provides superior peep-to-sight alignment that remains unchanged regardless of the amount of ambient light at the time of shooting.
Spot-Hogg Multi-Ring Technology

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I crept along, easing my way through dense underbrush. A public-land buck grazed in an alfalfa field less than 100 yards away. One mistake and this last-ditch morning hunt would unravel in a hurry.

I made it to the steps of my stand without a single deer blowing at me and, as I eased up the climbing sticks, I could hear the deer. I’d done it. Almost. As I was pulling my bow up to the stand, the knot slipped and my bow took a tumble, hitting every aluminum step on the way down. Deer blew at the noise, scrambling in every direction for cover.

After the field cleared, I climbed down and retrieved my bow. Aside from a huge gouge carved in the sight housing by one of the climbing sticks and a bent stabilizer, the bow seemed fine. I unscrewed the stabilizer, stuffed it into my pack and settled back in with little hope of spying a deer. Ten minutes later a small buck worked his way past my stand. My arrow was perfect.

That was the day I fell in love with Spot-Hogg sights.

A manufacturer at the top of the bow-sight food chain, Spot-Hogg makes accurate (love the vertical aiming wire), bright, bulletproof, build-it-how-you-want-it sights featuring incredible technologies. One of those technologies is the new-for-2017 MRT (Multi-Ring Technology) Pin Guard.

When I first pulled my Fast Eddie XL sight from its package, unscrewed the standard single yellow ring from the housing and replaced it with one of the two multi-ring MRT options (I chose the large one), it looked goofy. I immediately unscrewed it and placed the standard single ring back on the housing and went to sight-in. It was spring, the sun was shining and I had my new Spot-Hogg dialed in no time. Because I was prepping to hunt springtime wild turkeys, I opted to set up my ground blind and take a few shots at my 3-D bird. I set the target at 30 yards and slung a few arrows. My shots were good, but not great, and when hunting a bird with a baseball-sized kill zone, good simply isn’t good enough. I stepped out of the blind and sent three arrows downrange from 30 yards. My arrows were perfect. I climbed back in and fired three more. Again, I was good but not perfect.

At the time, I’d done no research on MRT. Still, just for grins, I placed the large multi-ring option back on my sight. I stepped outside the blind and fired three arrows. Perfect. I climbed inside and fired three more. Perfect. I kept repeating the process, and my accuracy seemed to increase. Why? At the time I had no idea, but testing doesn’t lie. The MRT had earned a place on my sight.

Later, back in the office, I did my research.

I’m a gear nut and had to know. Here’s the skinny: Multi-Ring Technology was designed by Spot-Hogg to provide the shooter with superior peep-to-sight alignment, alignment that remains unchanged regardless of the amount of ambient light at the time of shooting. Click! The lightbulb went on. In the bright sunlight my peep appeared smaller, boosting my ability to quickly and accurately align my peep to my sight. Why do you think most tournament archers opt for a small peep size? However, when I crawled inside my dark ground blind, my peep appeared larger, making peep-to-sight alignment more difficult and much less precise.

With MRT, rather than seeing empty space (a void that kills accuracy), my eye focused on another green ring, which allowed me to more precisely align my peep to my sight. I repeated this test while shooting from a treestand under an array of different lighting conditions. The results were clear: I was noticeably more accurate in all lighting conditions using the large-sized MRT ring. The sight also comes with a small-sized MRT ring as well.

Why wouldn’t you want to give this new technology a go? It’s available on all 2017 Spot-Hogg sights, and if you try it and test it, you’ll be tipping your cap to this legendary sight maker.

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