How to safely hang a treestand

Don’t ever take your safety for granted while hunting. Follow these simple steps to safely hang your treestands.
How to safely hang a treestand


There isn’t a deer season that goes by where we don’t read about hunters falling from their treestands. These injuries can be devastating to an individual’s quality of life if they survive, or out-right deadly. No buck, regardless of its antler size is worth the risk of injuring yourself. So, how can you stay safe even while hanging a stand?

The first rule is to always wear your safety harness and have it tied to a safety line or to the tree itself. Your risk of falling to the ground and causing catastrophic injury or death is dramatically reduced if you’re properly secured with a safety harness. You might be wondering how can you be secured to the tree while setting up climbing sticks and a hang-on stand?

In this video, Keith Jones of Summit Treestands shows the complete process of securing climbing sticks and a hang-on treestand while being safely tied off every time you leave the ground. Take the few minutes to watch, your life could depend on it!

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