Recording Your Hunts Just Got Easier — Day or Night

Capture all the hunting action from your own perspective right through your optic with one of these products from ATN.

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Recording Your Hunts Just Got Easier — Day or Night

Whether you’re a successful or aspiring social media star or you’re just looking to document your memories to share with family and friends, you’ve surely noticed that filming your own hunts has become very popular. Technology has made this simpler, but fumbling with phones or cameras and tripods isn’t exactly hunt-friendly when you’re on your own and on the move, and in many cases, they’re better at filming you than they are at filming the action that’s happening in the field. An optic that films exactly what you seen through the scope or binos is ideal for this, rounding out your footage by filming the hunt exactly as it happens from your own perspective. But which to choose?

ATN has you covered with a variety of optics that can film in great resolution — day and night, thanks to quality yet affordable night-vision technology. If a binocular is what you’re looking for, consider the BinoX 4K 4-16X, which works as well at night as it does during the day. After dark, the crisp color daytime images give way to sharp black and white night-vision, thanks to the ATN Obsidian Core and cutting-edge 4K Ultra HD sensor. A laser rangefinder is built in to help you plan your stalk and your shot, and it runs 15-plus hours on a single charge. If you’ve got a smart ATN scope, the BinoX 4K will coordinate with it to exchange ballistic information.

The BinoX 4K accepts a microSD card up to 64 Gb, so you can film with no cables to get in the way. It films in full HD (1080P) with rich colors and sharp details and a blazing-fast 120 frames per second (fps), allowing for incredible detail if you choose to utilize slow-motion in post-production. You can even live-stream to a Wifi-enabled phone or other device while you record without lags in performance. MSRP on the BinoX 4K is just $899, and a two-year warranty is included.

If you’re looking to film directly through your riflescope, ATN has a couple of smart options in its night-vision line. The X-Sight LTV features an enhanced HD night-vision mode and ATN’s handy one-shot zero feature, which makes sighting in fast and simple. This scope is designed as an out-of-the-box, grab-and-go optic that you can mount, sight in and immediately start using, with a simple interface and intuitive operation. It uses ATN’s Obsidian LT Core and the cutting-edge QHD+ Day/Night sensor (2688x1944), and it records in 720P at 30 fps. At just 1.6 pounds, this lightweight scope gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’ll get you up and running (and filming) quickly with virtually no learning curve, and MSRP starts at just $599 depending on the lens you select.

If you’re ready to step up a bit to higher filming quality and some additional smart features, the X-Sight 4K Pro might be just the ticket. Like the LTV, it also features enhanced HD night-vision and the one-shot zero feature, but it comes with a host of smart features like Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. The 4K Pro films in 1080P at 120 frames per second, and thanks to the Obsidian IV Dual Core, it can also live-stream (in 720P) while it records. It uses ATN’s revolutionary Ultra HD Day/Night sensor (3864x2218), which allows for a crisper, higher-quality image than the LTV.

The smart capabilities of the X-Sight 4K Pro also allow for handy features such as a ballistic calculator, a smart rangefinder, a smart mil-dot reticle, a profile manager, smooth zoom, an electronic compass, and an e-barometer. It features recoil-activated video to make filming convenient and foolproof. It’s a bit bigger than the LTV at 2.1 pounds, but it has a longer battery life of 18+ hours of runtime. MSRP starts at $699. Both the X-Sight LTV and the X-Sight 4K Pro come with a two-year warranty.

ATN also has a variety of thermal-imaging products that allow for filming, including the ThOR4 line that are worth checking out, and you can read more about them here.

If filming your hunts from your own perspective is on your agenda this hunting season, you won’t go wrong with a smart digital optic from ATN.


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