Tech-savvy trail camera options

There are a few cool accessories for your trail camera that can keep it running longer while keeping you from disturbing your hunting spots so often.
Tech-savvy trail camera options


Trail cameras are one of those few inventions that changed the hunting game. Today, there are many hunters who are perhaps more addicted to checking trail cameras than they are sitting in a cold treestand waiting on a buck to show up. If I’m being honest, I probably fall into that category. Especially after implementing some high-tech accessories into my trail camera strategy.

Cellular Option

My trail-camera addiction really got bad when I started using the Moultrie Mobile Modem in conjunction with a Moultrie camera. The Moultrie Mobile Modem hooks up directly to a 2015 or newer Moultrie camera to send trail cam photos via cell coverage to your own Moultrie Mobile page online. Once there, you can view the photos via computer or cell phone with the Moultrie Mobile app.

I have my modem setup to send me photos every time it takes a picture. My modem sends lots of photos throughout the month and it costs less than $10 per month for the cellular coverage, which is the cheapest package. The first thing I do when I get to work, is log on to my account and check out the photos to see if my “shooter” buck is still hanging around or to see if any new deer have moved into the area. Now, I don’t have to disturb my hunting spots by walking in to check my camera every one to two weeks. The only time I have to physically go check on the camera is when the batteries need to be changed. And if your camera is taking and transmitting lots of photos with the Moultrie Mobile unit then you’ll eat through some AA batteries. However, Moultrie has come up with a couple other accessories that keep your system running much longer than AA batteries ever will.

Mega Battery Life

I found these items in the camera accessories section on Moultrie’s website. For less than $5 you can buy a “y-splitter,” and for $75 you buy the weather-proof battery box setup. The battery box features a 12-volt rechargeable battery inside. You simply hook up the Y-splitter to the cameras and then to your battery-box cable and you have a tremendous power source to run both the camera and modem. And when the battery finally gets too low or goes dead, you simply recharge it and you’re ready to go. You can save trips to your hunting spots by purchasing more than one rechargeable battery so you can have one charged and ready to replace the dead one. Or, for $90 you can purchase a solar-panel accessory that will keep your battery charged indefinitely by harnessing the sun’s power.

I’ve been running the Moultrie Mobile setup for more than a year now and I can’t image not utilizing it. I have just as much fun checking the pictures online every day as I do hunting. Since adding the battery-saving accessories mentioned above, I haven’t had to revisit my camera spot to change batteries or memory cards this fall. I only enter the area to hunt now. This might not be a feasible option if you’re running dozens of cameras, but start out with one unit and add on as your budget allows. My Moultrie Mobile setup with battery box is designated for my secret-hunting spot, where I only enter when the wind is right and only to hunt — not change batteries or cards.

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