ATN’s X-Sight Combines Video, Night-Vision Capability

Film your own hunts, day or night, with ATN’s sleek and affordable X-Sight LTV.

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ATN’s X-Sight Combines Video, Night-Vision Capability

Trends come and go in the hunting world, but one trend that has only grown in popularity and shows no signs of slowing down is self-filming. Everyone wants to film their own hunts, either for TV/video production or to share on social media with friends and family. Self-filming isn’t exactly a simple process, though, especially if you’re alone. Juggling cameras while trying to stay stealthy enough for a successful hunt is a major challenge. On top of that, cameras aren’t cheap. Smartphones have great video capability, but the zoom is limited. How do you capture the action out in the field at rifle-hunting distance?

The answer is to film through your scope itself. Using a digital riflescope that has high-definition recording capabilities minimizes the gear you have to carry while maximizing your ability to capture great footage as the shot unfolds. ATN’s new X-Sight LTV is made with this in mind, recording hours of video on a removable micro SD card, letting you film your hunt in stunning HD quality. Even better? It works day or night, thanks to night-vision capability, recording in 720p. The whole thing is simple but powerful — the best of both worlds.

ATN has been a leader in the field of night-vision optics for a long time, and they’ve put all that knowledge into the X-Sight LTV and powered it with a new ATN Obsidian LT Core that’s optimized for low power consumption. This scope will give you vivid, crisp clarity during daytime hunts and amazing nighttime performance as well, thanks to the new QHD+ sensor. Darkness won’t slow you down on your next hog or predator hunt with the enhanced HD night-vision mode, which shows crisp black-and-white images — no more of that glowing green illumination you might be familiar with from other types of night vision. The brightness is adjustable. As for resolution, the QHD+ M584 sensor has a resolution of 2688x1944 to give you crisp, vivid images day and night. Two lens options are available to suit your preference: 3-9X and 5-15X.

No more worrying about changing batteries in the field, either. The X-Sight LTV is powered by an internal lithium ion battery with a battery life of about 10 hours. It recharges via a USB-C port when the hunt is over at the end of the day (or night). A slim, ergonomic package keeps the whole thing low-profile, with comfortable 90mm eye relief, and it mounts on any platform using standard 30mm rings, which are included.

This scope was designed for the everyday hunter, and in order to keep it simple to use and affordable to own, ATN stripped away the bells and whistles and built a package that has everything you need without the costly extras. The X-Sight LTV can be found starting at just $599, depending on the options you select. A variety of accessories are available, including illuminators, a quick-detach mount that lets you move the scope from platform to platform without losing zero, and a battery pack that gives you an additional 20+ hours of run time.

At just 1.6 pounds, the X-Sight LTV is the lightest day/night scope ATN makes, so you can mount it anywhere weight is a critical factor — even on crossbows or airguns in addition to, of course, rifles. It’s built to be durable and to stand up under recoil, so it will be suitable for any of your hunting firearms. Streamlined ergonomics make the shooting experience easy and familiar, with only a few buttons to learn. ATN backs the X-Sight LTV with a two-year warranty.

Night-vision capabilities, high-def self-filming and a company name you can trust? What more could you want? Visit ATN’s website today to learn more and order your own X-Sight LTV.


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