ATN Radar — the Social Way to Hunt

Introducing the ATN Radar app — the next evolution of ATN’s BIX technology.

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ATN Radar — the Social Way to Hunt

ATN’s BIX technology is the transmission of information between ATN’s applications and devices. The company is taking this technology one step further by creating an entirely new ecosystem based on the BIX framework.

The ATN BIX technology platform, which includes ATN Smart devices interconnected by the ATN Radar mobile app, will revolutionize the way people hunt together as teams and communicate with each other during the hunt. This new technology will allow users to seamlessly share target location information between team members in real time. In addition, the ATN Radar mobile app will automatically display the location of each team member on a map, creating a safer hunting environment.

The entire system is designed from the ground up to be intuitive and without the need for the user to switch attention between their ATN smart devices and the bluetooth-connected mobile device. Thus, one team member can tag a target with the laser rangefinder from their ATN smart device, instantaneously uploading the measured information to all group members' mobile devices, along with the target’s GPS coordinates to the rest of the team's ATN smart devices. It will show the target on the radar widget, which is seen in an ATN smart scope’s field of view and mobile device. Furthermore, all members of the same team will be able to communicate privately with each other using an in-app messaging service without worrying about the content being logged.

Outfitters and guides can benefit from this application as well. Before customers show up at base camp, guides can scout areas, tagging game they see and/or other points of interest. When customers are ready to venture out with the guide, those waypoints and/or game that were previously tagged will be displayed on their group’s map and ATN products, informing which direction the group travels for a more efficient and successful hunt. ATN Radar — the social way to hunt!


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