ATN: Award-Winning History Lets You Shop Thermal With Confidence

If you’re in the market for thermal optics, some historic and recent awards won by ATN might put it at the top of your list.

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ATN: Award-Winning History Lets You Shop Thermal With Confidence

ATN's ThOR 4, winner of the NRA's 2022 Golden Bullseye award for Best Optic


There are plenty of reasons to start hunting with the aid of thermal technology — it’s effective day and night, it makes scouting easier, it helps you locate game through fog and brush, and more. Thermal imaging is also an excellent tool for tracking, helping you find downed game quickly and efficiently. With prices having come down to everyman levels, what’s not to love?

Whether you’re new to the thermal game or looking to upgrade your current thermal gear, you might be overwhelmed with options about what brands to buy from. When you’re considering the choices, why not go with a proven award winner?

ATN has been making digital optics for more than 25 years and has come to be known for dependable, quality products that enhance the hunting experience. The company has a number of prestigious awards under its belt that back up its reputation.

For the past nine years (2013 to 2021), ATN has consistently won gold awards in Predator Xtreme magazine’s Readers' Choice Awards in the Night Vision & Thermal category. These awards are voted on by readers, so it’s a true “people’s choice” award based on what real hunters have found to be effective in the field. You can trust that the voters have actually used these products and cut through all the advertising and marketing language to bring you reliable, solid, hands-on information about the products that have truly worked for them in real-life hunting conditions. Gold, silver and bronze awards are given out in each category each year, and ATN has continued to dominate its competition in the Readers’ Choice Awards.

ThOR 4
ThOR 4

In addition, ATN’s ThOR 4 thermal riflescope just won the 2022 NRA Golden Bullseye Award, being named American Hunter’s Optic of the Year. Each year, NRA publication editors award the Golden Bullseye to firearms and related products that best offer a combination of utility, innovation, reliability, outstanding performance and consumer value. The awards are voted on by the publication’s editors and employees, and each entry must be used and tested by a staff member or contributing writer to lend hands-on experience.

The award-winning ThOR 4 thermal riflescope is packed with upgrades and features, including cutting-edge 4th Gen thermal sensors for better performance and range in dynamic conditions. This gives you incredible detection range and clarity, with sharp images. The unit is ergonomically designed, reminiscent of a traditional scope’s form, and it can be mounted to any platform using 30mm rings. The ThoR 4 is designed specifically for serious hunters who need superior functionality and industry-leading features.

ATN’s thermal scopes use industry-leading power management systems that provide up to 16 hours of continuous use in the field. The ThOR 4 also has an advanced ballistic calculator, keeping you on target for clean, ethical hunting, and a profile manager lets you swap between six weapons and retain zero. Smooth zoom, electronic compass, video recording capability, and Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity all add value and functionality. “Basically,” says the NRA’s Jeff Johnston, “the ThOR is a riflescope-shaped computer sitting atop your gun.”

It’s no wonder this scope was selected as the Golden Bullseye winner in its category. Notably, the ThOR 4 didn’t win because it was deemed the best thermal optic, but Best Optic in general — which means it beat out every traditional riflescope that was eligible in addition to the other thermal products.

With so many features and the sheer versatility of the ThOR 4 platform, you just can't go wrong — and if you have any doubts, the award-winning history of this product and ATN in general should reassure you that ATN offers true value for your dollar. The ThOR 4 can be had for as low as $1,999 up to $4,799 depending on the model Get yours today and experience what many have been raving about. No matter the need, ThOR 4 delivers the capabilities you want. And with a history of Readers’ Choice and now a Golden Bullseye award to its credit, ATN is setting the pace as a quality choice in digital optics.


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