ATN Announces New ThOR Gen 5 Thermal Scopes

The all-new ThOR Gen 5 series represents the pinnacle of thermal riflescope technology from ATN.

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ATN Announces New ThOR Gen 5 Thermal Scopes

In the world of thermal hunting optics, ATN has long been known for its feature-rich scopes at everyman prices, bringing thermal to the masses at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. For 2023, ATN is continuing that tradition with the introduction of the Gen 5 series of ThOR riflescopes, including the ThOR XD Gen 5, which ATN calls the most advanced thermal riflescope on the market.

Building on the huge success of the ThOR line, the Gen 5 series uses cutting-edge technology to deliver better-than-ever quality in a smaller profile. More power, more memory, the latest sensors and custom chips make the Gen 5 line a revolutionary leap forward and a must-see.

It’s all powered by a new Quad Core processor with enhanced sensors, which allow for stunning image quality in both night and day modes. Hunters know that precision is of the utmost importance in a scope, and the precision your firearm is capable of is only as good as the image you can see through the scope. A high-resolution OLED display offers richer colors and blacker blacks, while the upgraded lenses, improved 12 μm technology and enhanced algorithms provide sharp resolution.

ThOR 5 LRF 640
ThOR 5 LRF 640

The spectacular image quality is provided by a first-to-market 1280x1024, 60Hz 12 micron, ultrasensitive HD thermal sensor in the ThOR XD and a 320x240 60 fps or 640x480 60 fps sensor in the ThOR 5 320 and ThOR 5 640 models. All models are available with a laser rangefinder (LRF) if you desire. If you must make your shot at any distance, ATN’s LRF models will give you unprecedented precision at up to 1,000 yards with the internal Ballistic Calculator.

ATN’s exclusive Custom Reticle Builder lets you get creative putting together a reticle that suits your specific needs, and a profile manager lets you set up for multiple gun-and-load combinations based on your ballistics.

Of course, the Gen 5 ThOR scopes offer all the features ATN scopes have become known for, including a smart mil-dot reticle, automatic recording of your shot thanks to recoil-activated video, HD video, dual-stream video options, IOS and Android app compatibility, ATN’s Radar technology for coordinating a group, e-compass, a human detection range of up to 4,000 yards depending on the model (identification range as far as 720 yards), smooth zoom and many more. All the scopes in the ThOR Gen 5 line are weather-resistant and boast a battery life of up to 10 hours, and they’re easily mounted to any compatible rifle using 30mm rings. Once mounted, ATN’s One-Shot Zero makes sighting the gun in simple and fast: Just take a shot, adjust the reticle and you’re good to hunt. Models weigh between 1.93 and 2.7 pounds, and 20 models with different magnification, sensor, LRF and field-of-view options are available.

With simple operation, reasonable prices, cutting-edge technology and imaging and a three-year warranty, the ATN ThOR Gen 5 line is a must-try.


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