Yankee Hill Machine 5.56 Phantom QD Suppressor Review

In this edition of the Suppressor Review we test out Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) 5.56mm Phantom QD Suppressor.
Yankee Hill Machine 5.56 Phantom QD Suppressor Review

YHM, in cooperation with Sound Technologies, produced the Phantom Sound Suppression System. The Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) 5.56 Phantom QD suppressor is a great suppressor for someone on a budget. This suppressor is made of heavy-duty chrome-moly steel. Its solid design seems like it can really take a beating, too.

The YHM 5.56 Phantom QD suppressor sells for $496 at SilencerShop.

The permanently-attached flash hider serves as the quick connect portion of the suppressor. The Phantom Flash Hider eliminates 99 percent of muzzle flash while the Sound Technologies baffle design reduces muzzle noise by up to -35 dB. A patented gas seal keeps the threads clean so the suppressor is less likely to bind, making removal easy. The Phantom Flash hider supports the sound suppressor in two places making misalignment nearly impossible, even if the sound suppressor is not fully tightened.

The one downside Mark noticed to this suppressor is the weight. At 20 ounces you can definitely feel it on the end of your barrel. With reduced weight usually comes increased cost, so it’s up to the end user how much you’re willing to pay for less weight.


- 1/2"x28 threads for Phantom Q.D. flash hider
- 1½ inch outside diameter
- Full auto rated
- Chrome-moly steel
- 20 ounces
- 6.875 inches long

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